Euroleague Final Four Madrid 2015As the capital of Spain, Madrid is a major city in Europe and it is an ideal host of the Euroleague Final Four. When it comes to European sport, everyone knows the name of Real Madrid. The football side may be the first team that people think of but when it comes to European basketball, it has to be said that Real Madrid have quite a story behind them. The majesty of the city and the amount of passion and excitement that the city has for sport means that this is a place that is very much looking forward to hosting the 2015 Euroleague Final Four.

As a major metropolis, with over 3 million people in the expanded area, this is a city that is instantly Spanish, but which can also boast of a strong influence from Latin America. Whether you want to look at stunning art from yesterday and today, enjoy the nightlife and restaurants or focus on basketball, Madrid has something for everyone.

2015 Euroleague Final Four Betting Tips

Make sure you visit the Fanzone

2015 Turkish Airlines Euroleague FanzoneThe Fanzone is found in Plaza De Oriente, which is located on the East side of Palacio Real, the Royal Palace in Madrid. The Plaza de Oriente is also located very close to the Plaza de España which lies at the end of Gran Via, the main avenue in Madrid.

If you are heading to the Final Four, you should look out for the Final Four Fanzone, which will be held in the Plaza de Oriente. There is a full schedule of events on Friday the 15th of May, Saturday the 16th of May and Sunday the 17th of May. Fans of all four teams are very welcome at the event but even if you are only heading to Madrid to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the basketball action, you will find that the Fanzone is the ideal destination for your trip to the Spanish capital.

If you are heading to the Plaza de Oriente, the closest Metro station is Opera, which lies on Line 2. If you are looking to arrive by bus, you can do so by taking numbers 3, 15 or 20.

Enjoy the Barclaycard Centre

Barclaycard Centre MadridThe Final Four will be hosted in the Barclaycard Centre. The venue, originally titled Palacio de Deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid, has a history which dates back to 1960 but in 2001, the venue was burned down in a fire. Thankfully, a new venue was constructed and it has been provided a great host for basketball and music concerts since 2005. This means that this is the 10th year of the new look venue, making it a fitting host for the campaign.

If you are looking to take the Metro to the Barclaycard centre, you are looking for:

  • The Goya Station, which falls on Line 2 and Line 4
  • The O’Donnell Station, which falls on Line 6

The following buses will all take you close to the Barclaycard Centre:

2, 15, 21, 26, 29, 30, 43, 53, 56, 61, 63, C1, C2, 71, 143, 146, 152 and the 215.

If you are heading to Madrid, there is plenty of fun to be had no matter what age you are or what you are looking forward. If you are only focusing on the Euroleague Final Four action, you know you will have a great time, but if you have the chance to try out the very best of what Madrid has to offer, you will find that this is a capital city that is very much worth visiting.