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NBA Draft Betting Guide

NBA Draft BettingWhile the action played out on the court is the thing that gets basketball fans excited, you have to admit that work undertaken away from the course have an impact on how a basketball season pans out. Fans of the NBA tune in to the matches to see the star players and their favourite teams battle against their opponents but it is the hard work undertaken in training and the tactics devised in the backrooms that often decide the games. This means that most mature basketball fans understand that what happens away from the court can have a massive impact on the fortunes of the teams in the NBA and this is why the NBA Draft is such an important factor in the NBA season.

Yes, the NBA Draft has a sense of style and razzamatazz added to it that will appal and horrify some people but this ties in perfectly with the nature of the sport. People are looking to be entertained by every aspect of the NBA and the NBA Draft is an integral part of the overall season. This means that there should be no surprise about the fact that it is possible to place bets on the NBA Draft. There are a number of bets you can place on the NBA Draft so if you are looking to make some money during a quieter time of the NBA year or you are looking to showcase your knowledge of the NBA, this will be the ideal opportunity to do so.

As for now, there’s no NBA Draft betting with Bet365 and Bwin (they have removed their odds, not sure why,) our top UK betting sites. Therefore we would like to suggest Paddy Power, which currently offers markets “Number 1 Overall Pick,” “Draft Group Betting,” “Draft Match Bets” and “Draft Position Markets.” Keep a close eye on the Paddy sports betting site’s NBA Draft Specials pages as more markets/odds are soon expected to be listed.

Betting Sites with NBA Draft Betting Options
# Betting Site Review  %BonusVisit Betting Site
1Paddy Power ReviewUnited StatesPaddy Power is a Premium Site100%up to £50Paddy Power
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Place your bets on the NBA Draft

NBA Draft LogoThe most commonly offered NBA Draft bet focuses on which player will be the first pick in the NBA Draft. This is a hot topic and there is a great level of interest in the player that is selected first. The first pick in the NBA Draft has a lot to live up to.

Some of the players who are hotly tipped to be selected quickly during the 2015 NBA Draft include Karl-Anthony Towns and Jahlil Okafor. Of course, if you think that someone else will be the first pick, you can place a bet on any other player in the field so no matter who you believe is going to be in the running to grab the headlines at the NBA Draft, you can place some money on it.

There is also a market as to whether the Minnesota Timberwolves will hold onto their first pick status or whether they will trade it away. Trading the first pick can be of considerable benefit to basketball teams so if you think the Wolves will trade out, place your bets.

2015 NBA Draft Betting Odds
PlayerPaddy Power Odds
These NBA Draft odds may change. Please visit Paddy Poker for up to date odds.
Karl-Anthony Towns1.20
Jahlil Okafor1.75
Kristaps Porzingis18.00
D’Angelo Russell23.00
Emmanuel Mudiay31.00
Willie Cauley-Stein76.00
Justise Winslow76.00
Frank Kaminsky101.00
Any other player not listed41.00

Other markets (besides Number 1 Overall Pick) at Paddy Power as off 26 June 2015 are:

Draft Group Betting (Who will the New York Knicks select in the 2015 1st round, with their 4th pick?)

  • D’Angelo Russell 2.87
  • Emmanuel Mudiay 2.87
  • Justise Winslow 3.40
  • Kristaps Porzingis 8.00
  • Willie Cauley-Stein 18.00
  • Jahlil Okafor 26.00
  • Mario Hezonja 36.00
  • Karl-Anthony Towns 51.00

Draft Match Bets (Winner settled on player drafted first)

  • Mario Hezonja 5.00 vs Kristaps Porzingis 1.14
  • Tyus Jones 1.80 vs Jerian Grant 1.90

Draft Position Markets

  • Emmanuel Mudiay (picks 1-4: 2.00, pick 5+: 1.72)
  • Kristaps Porzingis (picks 1-4: 2.25, pick 5+: 1.57)
  • Frank Kaminsky (picks 1-12: 1.80, pick 13+: 1.90)
  • Willie Cauley-Stein (picks 1-8: 1.57, pick 9+: 2.25)
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