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FIBA Basketball Champions League

FIBA Basketball Champions League LogoWith 2016/17 being the first season of the FIBA Basketball Champions League, it is worthwhile taking the time to understand the tournament and the schedule. There will be 49 teams involved in the tournament and a total of 31 countries will be represented.

Over the course of the season, there will be 300 games played, which means that there will be plenty of basketball betting opportunities. The season will span 8 months, so there is going to be a great deal of focus and interest on the FIBA Basketball Champions League.

In order to assist clubs and domestic basketball leagues preserve the integrity of domestic competitions, the games will be played on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Regular Season of the FIBA Basketball Champions League will feature 32 teams and 24 of these teams will be provided with an automatic spot in the tournament. The criteria which has chosen the 24 teams who gain direct access to the Regular Season has been based on sporting achievements.

This leaves a total of 8 qualifying spots available for the FIBA Basketball Champions League and the qualification round gets underway on 27 September 2016.

Qualification Round

A total of 25 teams are involved in the Qualification Round for the Regular Season. With just the 8 spaces up for grabs, 17 of the teams involved at this stage will be unsuccessful in their quest to enter the Regular Season and these sides will be granted access to the FIBA Europe Cup.

Qualification Round 1

18 teams start in Qualification Round 1 and the 9 successful teams of these teams will progress to Qualification Round 2.

Qualification Round 2

The 9 winning teams from Qualification Round 1 and 7 teams who have been automatically placed into this round will battle it out to qualify for the Regular Season. From these 16 teams, 8 teams will progress to the Regular Season.

The breakdown of the qualification Round sees 25 teams take place, which comprises of 18 teams starting at Qualifying Round 1 and 7 teams starting at Qualifying Round 1. 9 teams will be eliminated at Qualifying Round 1 while 8 teams will be eliminated at Qualifying Round 2 and these are the 17 teams who will be placed into the FIBA Europe Cup.

Regular Season

The Regular Season gets underway on 18 October 2016 and it will conclude in February 2017.

The 32 teams taking part in the Regular Season will be split into four groups and each group will consist of 8 teams. The teams will play each other home and away in the group.

The top 4 ranked teams in each group will make their way to the Play-Off stage, which will consist of 16 teams. The teams who are ranked fifth and sixth in a group will drop into the FIBA Europe Cup Play-Off stage while the teams who are ranked seventh and eighth will be eliminated from the tournament.

The regular season will take a two week break over the Christmas period. There will also be acknowledgment of national team fixtures with space allowed for national team games to occur without impacting on the availability of players for the FIBA Basketball Champions League.

Play-Off Stage

FIBA We Are Basketball LogoThe Play-Off begins with the Round of 16 when teams will play each over two legs, with a home and away game. The eight winning teams will make their way to the Quarter-Final Play-Off. The same process will follow as teams will play each other twice, both home and away. The four winning teams will make their way through to the Final Four.

In deciding the fixtures in the Play-Off stage, the team with the better ranking from the Regular Stage, with respect to them and their opponent, will play the second leg of the tie at home.

Final Four

The Final Four will feature a Semi-Final round between the four eligible teams. The two losing teams will play off in a 3rd and 4th match while the two triumphant Semi-Final teams will take part in the Grand Final of the FIBA Basketball Champions League.

The Final Four is scheduled to take place from 28-30 April. As of August 2016, no host city or venue has been announced for the 2016/17 FIBA Champions League Final Four.


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