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Best Basketball Odds and Lines

With so many basketball games taking place in the NBA and across Europe, you want to have a place where you can see and compare the latest odds and lines for all of the upcoming games in major basketball leagues. Whether you want to win or just show your talents in predicting basketball games, these odds and lines provide the perfect platform.

We know that you’re busy so we’re going to give you the latest and greatest basketball odds from our top sportsbooks. Odds are up to date with a maximum delay of two minutes. For the convenience of our American visitors,we have implemented the line odds of sportsbooks which are US friendly. (Please note that not all odds are released at the same time. You should check back later when your favourite betting site is not among the sites presented below.)

Please hover your mouse pointer over the green and red icons in the table to review historic odds for money lines, point spreads and game totals. The basketball betting odds displayed below are automatically updated every two minutes.

Basketball Betting Odds and Lines
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There are plenty of different betting options to choose from when it comes to basketball betting. The money line bet determines who will win the game and the point spread focuses on the scale of the victory of the loss. Game totals are the combined scores of both teams, which you can bet to go over or under the total score. These bets are available in a variety of markets so if you want to find the best basketball odds, regardless of where the games are played, this is the place for you.

Best Basketball Odds

Although basketball odds may seem daunting or strange, once you get used to them, they are straightforward and they are your key to considerable success and entertainment.

How to calculate money line odds?

The money line bet is very popular in basketball and it can be a great way to bet if you believe the underdog is going to pull off a shock. There is no point spread to be concerned about with the money line, all you have to think about is who will the match. If the money line is represented with positive and negative numbers, the negative number is used to indicate the favourite.

When understanding the money line, place 100 at the centre and then look to see which team has a negative value, and they’ll be the favourites. Conversely, a team with a positive value will be the underdog. In a game between Boston Celtics and New York Knicks, if the Celtics were placed at -300 while the Knicks were ranked at 240, the Celtics are favourites while the Knicks are the underdogs.

These odds mean that anyone wanting to bet on the Celtics needs to wager 30 units to win 10 units and anyone backing the Knicks by 10 units will win 24 units. Money line odds are also referred to as American odds.

How to calculate decimal odds?

Decimal odds are another way of calculating betting odds and many people find decimal odds to be easier to calculate than the money line or fractions. If you were to place a bet on the Miami Heat at odds of 2.20, for a 10 unit bet, your return would equate to 10 units x 2.20 which comes out at 22 units. This is the same outcome as a fractional bet of 6/5 but most people find that it is far easier to calculate their return through the use of decimal odds. Depending on the betting site you use, the odds may be represented in decimal odds or in a money line format.


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