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College Basketball Odds

With the 2021 March Madness tournament coming up we will primarily focus on this event before launching our completely new website. The NCAAB tournament is historically one of the most exciting events for basketball fans across the world. This page holds the odds of all major sports betting sites and is updated automatically every two minutes. We are also keeping track of all the differences that occur during the build up to a NCAAB game, providing you with a list of historic odds for all bet types.

Our odds tool, on this page specifically containing NCAA Basketball odds and lines, displays all upcoming games within the next 48 hours, if provided by the sports betting sites we carefully reviewed and agreed to we work with. Use this tool as your guide to compare odds and the visit any of the sites (you can simply click their logo) for live odds.

Please hover your mouse pointer over the green and red icons in the table to review historic odds for money lines, point spreads and game totals.

College Basketball - Money Lines - Spreads - Totals - Odds
Tip-offHome Team Away TeamBookHome OddsAway OddsHome WinAway WinUnderOver
This basketball odds comparison table refreshes every two minutes.
28/02 21:00Western KentuckyvsFlorida Intl1.0512.001.911.91N/aN/a

Historic Odds

  • 28/02 09:19 1.97
01/03 01:00Utah StatevsNevada1.304.101.871.95N/aN/a
28/02 19:00CincinnativsMemphis2.851.531.951.87N/aN/a
28/02 18:00ButlervsVillanova6.001.171.951.87N/aN/a
28/02 22:00HoustonvsSouth Florida1.0315.501.911.91N/aN/a
28/02 20:00MarylandvsMichigan State1.752.301.951.87N/aN/a
28/02 22:00NC StatevsPittsburgh1.353.701.832.00N/aN/a
28/02 22:00Ohio StatevsIowa1.62

Historic Odds

  • 28/02 09:21 1.67

Historic Odds

  • 28/02 09:21 2.45

Historic Odds

  • 28/02 09:21 1.95

Historic Odds

  • 28/02 09:21 1.87
28/02 21:00IdahovsMontana State5.751.181.911.91N/aN/a
28/02 22:00MaristvsQuinnipiac1.702.401.871.95N/aN/a
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