There are times when you don’t want to build up a basketball game too much because this seems like a sure-fire way of setting yourself up for disappointment. However, there is a lot to be said for the fact that the game between Wisconsin and Kentucky could be an all-time classic. It is the Final Four match between two number one seeds and of course, there is history waiting to be written on this one.

Kentucky Wildcats LogoA 38-0 record is a phenomenal achievement, one that should be praised to the hilt. However, if it all stops on Saturday and Kentucky lose, you can only imagine the comments that are going to follow. Winning 38 games in a row and yet failing in the 39th (or even the 40th) will provide plenty of people with the chance to call Kentucky bottlers or claiming that they didn’t have what it takes to seal the deal. Which of course is ridiculous, but it is also true and it is the nature of tournament play. If it was a standard league season, Kentucky would be home and hosed, already celebrating their fine achievements but this isn’t the way that Americans like their sport.

You need to earn the right to be a winner

There is a need to show off your mettle before you get to show off your medals, and a perfect record in the regular season counts for nothing unless you follow it up in the post-season. You wonder how the Kentucky players are felling right now? Are they confident because they’ve won 38 games in a row and they know how good they are or are they fearful because they know all it takes is one slip or one mistake and they’ll have a queue of people waiting to tell them that their season has been pointless.

It doesn’t even take a mistake or slip from a Kentucky player to derail it all because Wisconsin are an extremely strong team in their own rights. Notre Dame were able to push Kentucky at March Madness and you would say that Wisconsin are a far better team than the Fighting Irish.

Wisconsin have an impressive record of their own

Wisconsin Badgers LogoA 35-3 record, which is what Wisconsin bring to the table in this game, is pretty impressive in its own right and they’ll have nothing to fear in this game. The fact that they also hold a 16-2 record in the Big Ten suggests that they are doing a lot of things right and this game won’t hold any fear for them, In fact, Wisconsin can grab their place in the Championship game and more importantly, they could write themselves into the history books as the team that stopped the Wildcats, the team that stopped a team from achieving a 40-0 record. Knowing that there is an opportunity to play for the NCAA Championship Title and be the team that defeated the team that could have made history will provide strength and spirit to Wisconsin.

That could be the vital difference in this game. Of course Kentucky has plenty to play for, the players could become immortals in the eyes of college basketball fans and observers and they should have every incentive and motivation to win this game. However, as the talk of a perfect season has been kicking around for so long, there will be a sense of massive disappointment if they fail to achieve it. As for Wisconsin, they are almost in a no-lose situation here. If they win, they are heroes, standing on the brink of being one of the most talked about college basketball teams in a highly talked about college basketball season. If they lose, they are just one of the many teams that succumbed in a 29-0 run.

A Championship game can take care of itself and you get the impression if Kentucky gets through this test, they have it all in their own hands. This may be the game though, and it is the game where NCAA basketball betting fans can prove their knowledge and instincts.