As if to further emphasise that this year is far from a normal season, there has been a change to how the games will be played in the EuroCup. AS Monaco and UNICS Kazan tip-off the final on Tuesday 27th April, and COVID-19 has once again reared its head.

UNICS Kazan earned home-court advantage, thanks to having a stronger point differential in the Top 16. Both sides held a 5-1 record in the groups, but Kazan took a lead in comparing the two records.

Ordinarily, the team who holds home-court advantage would play their first game at home, but this year, the Finals start with Monaco playing at home.

Monaco play at home first

Therefore, on Tuesday 27th April, AS Monaco host UNICS Kazan at the Stade Louis II.

The second game of the season takes place on Friday 30th April, in the Basket Hall Kazan. If there is a need for a third game, this will take place a few days later.

This is a change to the initial set-up. If there was to be a third game in the EuroCup Finals, it was supposed to be held on Wednesday 5th May. However, if the third game is required, it will now take place on Sunday 2nd May.

Kazan retain home-court advantage in the Final

Therefore, UNICS Kazan still has the home-court advantage if the series goes to three games.

The reason for this change lies with French legislation with respect to quarantine. Monaco would have been required to quarantine after certain foreign trips, and this would have caused significant delays in the Finals.

With Monaco now playing at home first, and then bundling a potential of two away games in one journey, the Finals can be concluded without any significant impact on the teams. There has also been consideration made to the team’s domestic schedule, and with both sides agreeing to this set-up, you have to hope there is some form of happiness about how the final will play out.

So, the format for the EuroCup Finals are:

  • (Opening game) Tuesday 27th April – AS Monaco vs. UNICS Kazan
  • (Second game) Friday 30th April – UNICS Kazan vs. AS Monaco
  • (Third game if required) – Sunday 2nd May – UNICS Kazan vs. AS Monaco

If you are a European basketball betting fan, it is important you are aware of these changes. If you planned on placing a bet on the first game of the season, Monaco are now the home side, and this might change how you expect the opening game to pan out.