The showdown on Wednesday 14th April between UNICS Kazan and Virtus Segafredo Bologna is sure to be a monumental game. If there is one thing about massive basketball games, it is they are often decided by huge players.

Yes, teamwork and strategy are essential, but in tight games, it is often a moment of inspired magic from a star man that turns the tie in their team’s favour.

It is a winner takes all on Wednesday night, with a spot in the final up for grabs. These players are likely to have a big part to play in determining the final outcome. In today’s preview, we look at the star man for Bologna and tomorrow, we will look more closely at UNICS Kazan, and who they hope to see hit top form on Wednesday night.

Milos Teodosic has delivered for years

If you love European basketball, you know the name of Milos Teodosic, and you know the impact he has on the basketball court. The Serbian guard has been an instrumental figure for Virtus Segafredo Bologna this campaign, and if he turns up on Wednesday night, there is a strong chance they will make their way through to the final against AS Monaco.

In just 18 games so far this season, Teodosic has delivered 267 points in total, which averages out at 14.8 points per game. This is a consistency that drives the team on, and leaves coaches knowing what they are going to get out on the basketball court.

Teodosic has already delivered in this tie

In the two games against UNICS Kazan so far in the semis, Teodosic has grabbed 38 points. However, there is a marked difference in his output in the two games.

In the opening clash of the Quarter-Final, Milos grabbed 27 points. It shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that the Italians won this game, albeit just by 4 points. In the second game, Teodosic was only able to deliver 11 points, and Bologna succumbed to their first defeat of the campaign.

The margin of defeat for Bologna in that game was 4 points, so a few more points from Teodosic could have made all the difference. A few more points, and we wouldn’t even have this game!

However, it’s a team game, and Milos Teodosic is one player that can look back on his achievements with satisfaction. He also knows Wednesday night is another opportunity to deliver a great showing that drives his team on.

Of course, UNICS know if they keep Teodosic quiet, they significantly enhance their chances of success. This was the case in Game 2 of the Semi-Finals, and if this is repeated in the third game, it is the side from Kazan who might enjoy a fantastic night.