NCAA Basketball - March Madness 2015Even though the action and excitement of March Madness has been in place for many years, it is fair to say that technology impacts on the tournament. This may be more the case for fans who can access the games and as much information at their fingertips but for the games itself, there is a new focus on high-definition which may see some of the bigger decisions being made with greater clarity and focus. This is because the NCAA is going all in for high-def video reviews, which means that there will hopefully be fewer mistakes made that can decide that big games. If you are keen to bet on March Madness, knowing that the right calls are likely to be made has to be seen as a positive things.

For the first time ever, the tournament will be utilising a replay system which uses live and high-definition video, which will be collated from multiple angles. There will be a quick turnaround as this content will be offered up immediately and hopefully the delays in getting calls right will be a thing of the past.

Kim Jackson is the Basketball Operations director for DVSport, the firm behind the new developments and she released a statement saying;

The last thing you want at the end of the game is a four-minute delay that takes the energy out of the building and cools the players down and all that. No. 1, you’ve got to get the call right, but No. 2, we need to be hopefully as efficient as possible… Delaying a game can change momentum and impact the game.

The new system will hopefully speed up the game

NCAA BasketballThis new process will make it easier and simpler for officials to view the footage that they want to see, allowing them to make a more informed judgment call at a faster rate than what fans are used to. Putting the officials in greater control there and then is sure to be an excellent way to keep the excitement going, which is essential for the fans in the arena and for those watching on TVs, desktops and laptops all around the world. The advertisers may not be too concerned about breaks in play but if there are too many, and they run for too long, fans will lose interest, especially when they are waiting on a big call to be finalised. This new system should speed up the process, allowing the focus to fall on basketball.

It is also hoped that the new system will ensure that more correct decisions are made. There is never going to be a system that offers a fool-proof approach to making calls, and there will always be some mistakes made but there appears to be confidence in the system. Joe DeRosa is a veteran official and one of only two who has officiated at both the Final Four in the NCAA and the Finals in the NBA. DeRosa was in charge at the Big 12 tournament last week and he spoke about the new technology, saying;

The most important thing is that we can get all the angles and make sure we see what people see at home on TV. … We utilize replay to make sure we got it right. It’s really a valuable tool.