NCAA Basketball - March Madness 2015We are a week away from Selection Sunday but at the moment, there is no way of second guessing what teams are going to be heading towards March Madness. This is because as of Saturday the 7th of March, there were well over 250 teams still with a hope of making it to the big event. This indicates the size of drop-off that is going to happen this week and this means that this is all set to be an emotional week for many involved with NCAA basketball. There is an emotional wringer for people to go through and it may well be that there will be plenty of blood, sweat and tears to get through before a team can book their place in the brackets!

The tournament is a nice size at the moment

There has been debate about opening up the tournament even wider but it is better to look at the current conference tournaments as being the opening part of this event. There is plenty of pride and honour to be won in the individual conferences but knowing that a successful showing in your games taking place over the course of the year will provide you with the best chance of booking you place in the showcase tournament that everyone wants to be in.

The regional conferences have their own glamour and excitement

SIU Edwardsville Cougars LogoThis helps to spread the local excitement around, and when there are more local rivalries and derby games being played out, there is more interest and involvement. If there was a massive game between the 281st seed and the 231st seed, you wouldn’t have too many people coming along or taking an interest. However, when this sort of game pits local teams with a genuine rivalry, a title and the knowledge that a win could prevent your opponents from going to the major tournament, the action takes care of itself and this means that the crowd turns up in great numbers. This is why you have crowds of 10,000 turning up for a game between Denver and SIU Edwardsville, which wouldn’t necessarily happen if there was a massive tournament pitting all of the teams against each other with a sole prize at the end of it.

While there is a great number of teams still involved with March Madness at the moment, or at least holding on to their dreams of being part of March Madness, one major team who won’t be involved is Syracuse. The team has volunteered a probation, a move that hasn’t went down too well amongst all observers, with some people saying that this represents a weak level of punishment against the team. So far, the best team to have been eliminated with respect to what has happened on the court would be Florida Gulf Coast. The outcome of the ASun tournament means that they are already out of the running, which means that their fans will not have to worry too much about what is going to unfold in the next week, or for the actual tournament itself.