NCAA Basketball - March Madness 2015March Madness is a big enough tournament in its own right for it to be the main focus of people’s interest. For a great number of people involved with the tournament, this will be the pinnacle of their sporting career, and it would be wrong to consider the spring time tournament as a stepping stone for anything. However, given the natural progression of the game, it is easy to see why so many people wonder if the March Madness is a stepping stone to the NBA? It stands to reason that the players in the big springtime event have something about them, and this is the sort of thing that the NBA clubs and scouts will be looking out for. A strong performance during The Big Dance could see players sitting pretty by the time the next draft rolls around.

At the moment, all of a player’s focus should be on being the best that they can be over the next few weeks, but some players may thrive on the expectation that they could go somewhere further with their career. It wouldn’t be disrespectful if a player performed better for himself and his team during March Madness if the thought of winning a big contract with an NBA club was the motivation for him. We all need things to drive us on in life and when it comes to being a winner, having the chance to move up in your career and make money is one of the biggest motivational tools that people can find. If you want to see future NBA stars, watching March Madness is definitely one of the best ways for you to see the stars of tomorrow, today.

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March Madness can create further success

NBA LogoWhen you take on board the fact that a first round draft pick can earn anything between $755,000 and $5.75m, it is easy to see why a graduate will have their head turned. There are plenty of players who have experienced the hype and craziness that comes with being a success at March Madness, and these are the players who should be offering advice to today’s kids. The money involved in the modern NBA is a lot higher than what players used to earn in the past but the craziness and excitement around players remains.

The head coach at Valparaiso University is Bryce Drew, and he is a former player too. He knows full well the hype that surrounds March Madness thanks to a last second shot he sunk in 1998. This was the difference between Valparaiso and Mississippi in the opening round of the tournament and it is one of the magical moments that March Madness is made on. People love a last second winner and if you have watched any highlights reels relating to March Madness, there is a very strong chance that you have seen this shot.

Drew made it to the NBA and he is honest enough to admit that it was this one shot, not his years of practice, training and development that made all the difference in getting into the big league.

Players shouldn’t be thinking about personal glory, they should be looking to ensure that their team has the best chance of success as possible but if there is a chance to improve your team’s standing while ensuring that you are one of the players that is remembered from the tournament, players should be looking to take the chance. It may be that in the next few weeks, some college players may be about to change the direction of the rest of their life.