NCAA BasketballWith the Final Four games taking place on Saturday we are no nearer knowing who will be the big winner of the 2015 March Madness event but it looks as though there is going to be a major winner away from the court. Indianapolis looks set to be a big winner as they host the Final Four. Any host city or state should be looking to bring in extra income from hosting this style of event but there are factors that can make a difference when it comes to the level of economic success a host state can benefit from. At the moment, it looks as though the odds are in favour of this weekend being a busy one, which is exactly what the hosts are looking for.

While the four teams are all within easy enough reach of Indianapolis, between 197 miles and 607 miles, no one is going to want to be driving back and forth between games this weekend, so there is a lot to be said for the fact that plenty of fans from the four teams will roll up.

This is not just speculation, the four teams involved at this stage of the tournament are well known for having a fan-base that travels and backs their team. This is a massive boost for Indianapolis as they should expect an influx of fans this weekend.

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History could be made this weekend

There is also a sense of history about this weekend that is always sure to grab attention. At the moment, most people are focusing on whether Kentucky can get the final two wins that will move them to a 40-0 record. This would see them being the first team to claim a 40-0 record and the first team since Indiana to achieve a perfect season since 1976. If you are a fan of Kentucky and you can attend this weekend, wouldn’t you be desperate to turn up just in case history is made? This could be an achievement that is never made again in basketball, so you will see plenty of people arriving with hope of a record being achieved.

Fans want to see the big stories unfold in front of them

NCAA Basketball - March Madness 2015There is also the fact that Kentucky and Wisconsin clash again with memories of the 2014 semi-final, a game that the Wildcats held on to win 74-73, still fresh for many people. There is also the chance to see some of the finest NCAA coaches in action with Tom Izzo on his 7th Final Four with Michigan State and Mike Kryzewski on his 12th Final Four with Duke, since 1980. Mike has clinched the title four times and what Duke fan wouldn’t want to be there if he clinches a fifth?

There are expectations that 70,000 people are expected to arrive for the weekend and it is believed that the local economy could benefit from around $70.8m thanks to this weekend. With Indianapolis being the national headquarters of the NCAA, it is s regular host city, welcoming the Final Four every five years of so, which means that many fans know the area well. There is a slight drop-off in numbers due to the fact that the NCAA support staff can stay at home but the attractive nature of the four teams in the weekend will ensure that there is no shortage of people flocking to Indianapolis this weekend, which means that it should be quite a party regardless of who wins and loses.