BYU Cougars LogoFor many basketball fans, this period is the most exciting time of March Madness. We are still away from the games and Selection Sunday, so at the moment, all you can do is try and predict what is going to happen. This is definitely the time of year for basketball fans to get excited about what may unfold and it gives people a chance to show off their skills in understanding and predicting what will happen in basketball.

There are plenty of teams who will think that they have a chance of success at the major event and Brigham Young University, the BYU, will think that they are on the edge of getting an invitation to the leading NCAA basketball event. The BYU grabbed a huge 73-70 win against the Gonzaga Bulldogs, and this has led some to believe that the BYU should grace March Madness, even if they don’t manage to grab success in the WCC event.

Beating the Bulldogs was a huge moment

The win against the Bulldogs was pivotal, with many believing that it is the signature win that seasons can turn on or which success is built from. This win has seen the BYU jump in the RPI ranking and this is the sort of game that the team has failed to win in recent years. The nature of the win was huge but the timing is also going to help and it may be that the BYU has hit form at exactly the right time of year to get involved with the leading basketball tournament for many sports fans.

If you were to examine the fortunes and form of BYU a month ago, you would have likely dismissed their chances out of hand. The team suffered two narrow and cruel defeats away to San Diego and to St Mary’s and to all intents and purposes, it looked as though the March Madness dream was over for another year. However, the BYU Cougars have been on the prowl since then, winning 8 out of 9 games and the team are currently enjoying a 6 game winning streak, which includes victories over Gonzaga and St Mary’s. Many people believe that the March Madness tournament is all about who is on fire at the time of the event and this definitely applies to BYU at the moment.

The BYU offer entertainment

There is also a lot to be said for the fact that March Madness should be about entertainment, which is definitely something that the BYU offers. They don’t spend too much time focusing on defence and they can play with reckless speed at times. When it comes to getting a team involved that basketball fans love to watch, this is definitely the sort of addition to an event that makes the overall tournament better.

The WCC is currently ranked as the ninth best conference and while this isn’t massive praise, the West Coast does make a good argument for the conference to have two bids. Gonzaga look to have one place sewn up and there is a lot more excitement and positivity about BYU as opposed to St Mary’s at the moment.