There are some big powerhouses when it comes to college basketball and it is easy to see why so many people will be looking towards the Atlantic Coast Conference, the ACC, for the major event this month. There have been some big changes in recent years for the ACC, bringing in areas like Miami, Kentucky, Boston, Syracuse and Indiana while Maryland exited. There are a number of teams from the ACC who have their eyes set on the Final Four and the following teams could be worth looking out for.

North Carolina

University of North Carolina Tar Heels Logo The UNC Tar Heels have grabbed some big wins this season, defeating UCLA, Ohio State, Florida and Louisville but they have suffered as well, on and off court. Roy Williams, the head coach has managed to keep the team in shape and even though they lost an overtime game to Duke in February, a game that Carolina made a number of mad mistakes in the final minutes, the two teams are set to clash in the final game of their regular season, so there is plenty to play for.


With just two games left in the regular season, Louisville stands with a 23-6 record and they have a number of decent scalps. They have of course lost to some major teams, like NC State, Duke and Virginia. The team is looking good to make it through and grab a decent seed, but it is still very much up for grabs. This is a team to keep an eye on if you are looking for an outsider to cause some trouble for a major name.

Notre Dame

With a 24-5 record at the moment, Notre Dame is looking very good for the main NCAA tournament but they don’t appear to be in the mix for the one and two seeds. They have lost in surprising ways at times, including a defeat to Providence and they were comprehensively dismantled by Duke earlier in the campaign.

Notre Dame are looking good to power through to March Madness but they are the sort of team that will find themselves at risk of suffering an upset in the initial stages of the tournament.


Duke Blue Devils LogoA nine game winning streak saw Duke move up the rankings and even when they were defeated in South Bend, they bounced back by defeating UVA, UNC and Notre Dame. There is a chance that Duke will take the number one seed and they will be a number two seed at worst. This is definitely a team who will be looking to reach the Final Four as a minimum when they get involved with March Madness.


Standing with a 27-1 record, the Virginia Cavaliers have every reason to be confident in heading to March Madness and in the ACC, the only loss they have suffered was to Duke. The Cavaliers will take the regular season title in the ACC and like Duke, they will be going all out to ensure they reach the Final Four and from there, anything can happen.