After the NBA Draft, there is always a rush to work out which team and players can be deemed to be winners after the event and who has lost. In the sporting environment, winning and losing is crucial and there is a desire to have things mapped out in black and white. Of course, the true judge of a draft is usually only revealed a few years down the line so any predictions or analysis undertaken at this stage is not the full story. Of course, as basketball fans, that is all part of the fun and a lack of the full picture is never going to stop fans from getting together and voicing an opinion.

If you’re weighing up placing some bets for the new NBA season, the outcome of the 2014 NBA Draft will likely have an impact on the bet you want to make. If the sports betting sites have one opinion about a player and team and you hold another, there could be an opportunity to gain some value with your bet. If you’re interested in sports betting, finding the value is the way that you make money. This is why differing opinions about the NBA Draft is good for discussion but it is also good to try and make some money over the course of the season. This is a particularly good of time to get involved with the Futures betting market so keep that in mind.

Experts think the Jazz did well

Utah Jazz LogoAt the moment, it seems as though the experts are in agreement that the Utah Jazz have had a successful NBA Draft. This was down to the fact that they managed to pick up Dante Exum with the fifth pick and also Rodney Hood, who was somehow picked up at 23rd. This was a surprise to many people who had Hood hovering around the Top 10 mark in their expected pick lists so the Jazz can look back on a night when they got things their way.

Michael Carter Williams was another big winner. The 76ers player must have initially feared for his place when Elfrid Payton was snapped up. The fact that the rookie of the year can be left in fear of being replaced indicates the cut throat nature of basketball but when the 76ers traded Elfrid to the Orlando Magic in exchange for Dario Saric, who will be staying in Europe for at least two years, Carter Williams could relax.

The Magic had a busy night

Orlando Magic LogoAs well as bringing in Payton, the Magic can look back on a busy night and one which should be seen as a success. They picked up Aaron Gordon at fourth pick and with the team needing shooters, this is likely to be a good addition to their team. They then managed to arrange that deal with the 76ers and the addition of Payton will likely see the team in good stead for the point guard position for many years to come.

The Knicks managed to bring Jose Calderon, a point guard with considerable experience and brought in Cleathony Early as the 34th pick. While Early is largely underrated and this was a pick that went under the radar for many, he is a player who has the skill to be a success as long as he is in the tight environment. New York could be the making of Calderon.

There has been some shaking of heads at the Toronto Raptors, They picked up Bruno Caboclo, a player with a lot of potential but there was no immediate rush to snap him up in the first round. This was a player that could have been obtained in the second round. When you take on board that the Raports overlooked players like Hood, Napier and P.J. Hairston to pick up Caboclo early on, it is easy to see why not everyone gets the logic. Time will tell though as to whether this Toronto gamble paid off.