FC Barcelona vs. AX Armani Exchange Milan

The end of May sees the climax of this season’s EuroLeague, with Cologne hosting the Final Four. The excitement for fans of the teams still involved is starting to build already.

On Friday 28th May 2021, the EuroLeague semi-finals take place. One of the games will be:

FC Barcelona vs. AX Armani Exchange Milan

These teams have clashed two times so far this season, and if these results are anything to go by, it is the Catalonian club who will make their way through to the EuroLeague final. However, we know that isn’t the case, and the losses in these games might be the catalyst for success for the Italian side.

For now though, we can look back at these games and use them to preview the big matches that are coming our way at the end of the month.

FC Barcelona 87-71 AX Armani Exchange Milan


Back in Round 13, which took place in December of last year, there was a rather convincing win for the Calatan club. A strong opening quarter made it look as though we were in for a routine home win, with the Catalonians leading by 23-15 at the end of the opening quarter.

However, the Italians roared back, taking the second quarter by a score of 16-28, leaving Milan in the lead at the break. The half-time score in the tie was 39-43 in favour of the side of Milan.

The hosts crept back into the game, narrowly outscoring the away side in the third quarter, but as the game entered the final phase, it was the away team who led by a score of 60-61.

In the last stretch, the Catalans raced away with the game. A 27-10 score in the last quarter meant the hosts triumphed with quite a bit to spare, with the game closing out with an 87-71 score line.

Brandon Davies offered 21 points in the win while Nilkola Mirotic offered support with 19 points. For Milan, Malcolm Delaney offered a seriously impressive 23 points but of course, it wasn’t enough to turn the game in the away team’s favour.

AX Armani Exchange Milan 56-72 FC Barcelona

Olimpia Milano

In Round 30, which took place in March of this year, the away side left Milan with a strong win, in a low-scoring game.

The away side outscored the hosts in every quarter, and there was no real suggestion that Milan would upset the odds in this match. The opening quarter was split 12-15, while the second quarter ran 17-23, leading to a score at the break of 29-38. A 15-17 score in the third quarter extended the Catalan club’s lead and in the last phase of the game, the away side were 12-17, resulting in the 56-72 score line.

Shavon Shields offered up 10 points for the host in the defeat while Nikola Mirotic grabbed 15 points in the victory for the away side.

Will Milan overturn their fortunes against Barcelona?