Rajon RondoNot all of the basketball world is focused on matters in Spain at the moment and a big news is breaking in Boston in the NBA. The Celtics haven’t had the best of times of late and their fans may be fearing the worst for the new campaign after the latest news about Rajon Rondo. It seems as though the point guard has expressed a desire to make his way from the club as soon as possible.

Given that Rondo will be a free agent in the summer of 2015, many people expected him to sit tight and see out the season. The fact that his club were looking to give the player time to bounce back from an ACL injury was another factor that suggests everyone would be content with the status quo remaining in place. However, it seems as though the player has told General Manager Danny Ainge that he wants to leave the club, and this means that moving him out this summer could be of benefit to the Boston club.

Celtics need to ensure they find value

The problem for the Celtic is obtaining the best value for the player. It seems as though the Knicks hold an interest in the player but they aren’t likely to be in a position to offer much. There is also the fact that the Los Angeles Lakers could move for Rondo but this seems unlikely with many people in the know suggesting that Rondo isn’t a Los Angeles type of person.

Boston Celtics LogoYou will find that the Boston Celtics, so often in the mix for the NBA Championship, don’t have attractive odds at the moment in the basketball futures market. This could see them being an attractive option for some punters that like a gamble, because you can never truly write-off the Celtics, but with this latest story about Rondo, it would be a brave man that puts money on Boston to go far this season. However, betting on basketball sometimes requires bravery, and this is something that that will always appeal to some fans.

The point guard position is one that many teams in the NBA are well catered for, and it seems as though the ones that do need this style of player are the ones that can’t provide Boston with much. Houston are reported to have an interest, as do Dallas, but these teams don’t have a lot to offer, so the Celtics may decide that it isn’t really worth their while in getting rid of the player so quickly.

Will Rondo start the season in Boston?

You may find that Rondo begins the season with the Celtics and then trade him out before the February deadline when a team is in desperate need of a boost. This could be a risky move, especially as the Celtics will lose the player for nothing in the summer if they don’t move him on now. While this doesn’t seem a great idea, the biggest issue for the Celtics may come with the fact that an unhappy player in the dressing room is often a big issue. This means that there is a need to act swiftly, and it may be that removing Rondo is the best decision all round. Rondo is clearly a class player but he has yet to fully prove himself after surgery, and some teams may be wary of moving for the player.

A similar incident occurred with Kevin Love, when he informed the Timberwolves that he wasn’t set to sign on, but it may be that there were more things in Love’s favour in that story.