NBA LogoThe basketball world may be focusing on the FIBA World Cup at the moment, but there is no getting away from the fact that for many basketball fans, the NBA remains the big story. The trade market in the NBA is not even active at the moment but there is a growing number of stories and rumours that could suggest some big moves are likely to take place. There will be a lot of behind the scenes work taking place at the moment, which means that even though your favourite club may appear quiet, there is every chance they are taking steps to boost and bolster their team.

Clearly the big name free agents have pitched up at their new clubs, and a lot of the likely trade targets have been traded, but there are still talks taking place that will see some teams freshening up their teams for the start of the new season. We are still a good bit away from the beginning of the 2014/15 NBA season, we are still a good while away from the training camps but when it comes to hoping for a better season than the one they have just experienced, many fans are desperate to see a big name player or two come into the side.

The Celtics are in a rebuilding process

Boston Celtics LogoThe Boston Celtics are a team currently trying to rebuild and this usually means that there are ins and outs to take care of. While the club will likely be open to offer for many players, they are intimating that they are not open to the idea of trading Rajon Rondo. This won’t stop the rumour mill from spinning but if the Celtics are looking to improve their team and get back on top, they need to retain top quality players like Rondo.

The thing is, it isn’t likely that Rondo is in a rush to move either. He knows that he will become a free agent at the end of the season and he is looking to tour a selection of teams and find the best deal for himself. This means that the player is likely to be happy where he is but no doubt the Celtics are looking to hold on to the point guard, and will be keen to keep him happy in the hope of persuading him to stick around in Boston for a while longer.  Things can move quickly in basketball, and the Celtic may decide it is best to move Rondo on now while they remain in control but you shouldn’t be shocked if he remains a Boston player for 2014/15.

Thompson and Lee may look to move on anyway

Klay Thompson and David LeeThere is also a lot of talk going on about David Lee and Klay Thompson. These were players that were continually mentioned in discussions of the Kevin Love deal. This meant that the players would have spent a great deal of time contemplating their next move, and it may be that the fact that their team was seemingly willing to trade them out may convince these players that it is time to move on.

It would appear that Thompson is extremely angered by the fact that he was being considered for a trade away from the Warriors, and he may give the team what they were looking for. There is no doubt that these sort of talks happen all the time in basketball, and it is best for players to not take things personally. However, when a player feels slighted by their club, it is easy to see that they would be looking to move on to a club that welcomes them and makes them feel at home.

There isn’t any on court NBA action to look forward to for a while but you can rest assured that there will be plenty of off-court action for fans to enjoy.