NBA LogoThe Raptors, the Thunder, the Cavaliers and the Spurs have all had strong starts to the NBA season but all of these teams are being eclipsed by the reigning NBA champions. It is often difficult for the champions to come back as strongly in the following season. After all, players put their heart and soul on the line for a full year in order to achieve their dreams and many players and coaches cannot sustain this consistency for two periods in a row.

In the Euroleague, reigning champions Real Madrid are currently outside of the play-off spots for the Top 16 with two games to go but in the NBA, the champions are close to disappearing off into the horizon. The Golden State Warriors are currently 22-0 for the season and this means that all eyes on the NBA schedule inevitably focuses on the champions. Someone will beat them this season, that is virtually certain, but people want to know when it will happen? Will it happen this week? Check out the NBA schedule to see what you think.

Tuesday 8th December 00:00 GMT Tip-off time / 01:00 CET

  • Detroit Pistons @ Charlotte Hornets
  • San Antonio Spurs @ Philadelphia 76ers

Tuesday 8th December 00:30 GMT Tip-off time / 01:30 CET

  • Dallas Mavericks @ New York Knicks
  • Los Angeles Lakers @ Toronto Raptors
  • Washington Wizards @ Miami Heat

Tuesday 8th December 01:00 GMT Tip-off time / 02:00 CET

  • Phoenix Suns @ Chicago Bulls
  • Boston Celtics @ New Orleans Pelicans
  • Portland Trail Blazers @ Milwaukee Bucks
  • Los Angeles Clippers @ Minnesota Timberwolves

Boston Celtics LogoThere are likely to be a few tough games to choose from in the NBA schedule with the Celtics and the Pelicans being a good example. The Celtics have started the campaign strongly while the Pelicans are toiling at home. However, they are playing in New Orleans and both teams will fancy their chance of success in this game. Look to go with the Boston Celtics at +1 at odds of 1.90 and if you fancy the Over/Under market, look to go UNDER 213.5 at odds of 1.90.

The Trail Blazers and the Bucks are two teams who would be delighted to see their season kick-started soon and the game in Milwaukee could be a close affair. Take the home team with a +1.5 handicap at odds of 1.90 for this game. The Over/Under market looks appealing at OVER 198.0 at odds of 1.90.

Wednesday 9th December 00:00 GMT Tip-off time / 01:00 CET

  • Golden State Warriors @ Indiana Pacers
  • Portland Trail Blazers @ Cleveland Cavaliers

Wednesday 9th December 00:30 GMT Tip-off time / 01:30 CET

  • Houston Rockets @ Brooklyn Nets

Wednesday 9th December 01:00 GMT Tip-off time / 02:00 CET

  • Oklahoma City Thunder @ Memphis Grizzlies

Wednesday 9th December 02:00 GMT Tip-off time / 03:00 CET

  • Orlando Magic @ Denver Nuggets

Wednesday 9th December 02:00 GMT Tip-off time / 03:00 CET

  • Utah Jazz @ Sacramento Kings

Golden State Warriors LogoThe first game of the morning for UK and European basketball fans is a big one and can the Golden State Warriors reach 23-0 when they play in Indiana? At the same time, the Cavaliers are at home against the Trail Blazers, so there is likely to be a good deal of excitement in this match. The more the Warriors keep winning, the more the pressure will build on them to keep going, all of which means viewers are sure to be in for a great deal of excitement and drama.

The Nets are at home against the Rockets who look strong in a tough division and there could be more pain in store for the Brooklyn side in this game.

Thursday 10th December 00:00 GMT Tip-off time / 01:00 CET

  • Houston Rockets @ Washington Wizards
  • Miami Heat @ Charlotte Hornets
  • Chicago Bulls @ Boston Celtics

Thursday 10th December 00:30 GMT Tip-off time / 01:30 CET

  • San Antonio Spurs @ Toronto Raptors
  • Memphis Grizzlies @ Detroit Pistons

Thursday 10th December 00:00 GMT Tip-off time / 01:00 CET

  • Los Angeles Lakers @ Minnesota Timberwolves
  • Los Angeles Clippers @ Milwaukee Bucks

Thursday 10th December 02:00 GMT Tip-off time / 03:00 CET

  • New York Knicks @ Utah Jazz
  • Orlando Magic @ Phoenix Suns

Thursday 10th December 02:30 GMT Tip-off time / 03:30 CET

  • Atlanta Hawks @ Dallas Mavericks

Washington Wizards LogoThe Wizards showed some excellent form last campaign but this season, they have struggled to reach the heights that they managed to achieve. They welcome the Rockets in a game where both teams will feel that they can win but also both teams will be wary of their indifferent form.

The Bulls at the Celtics would have been a classic NBA game in years gone but while this season’s match may not have the same glamour and glory at stake, it should still be an exciting match. At the start of the week, both teams came into the season with 11 wins under their belt so there may not be much to choose between the two teams.

The two Los Angeles sides are on the road and this will be another opportunity to see the stark difference between the two teams, with the Lakers squaring off against the Timberwolves while the Clippers face the Bucks.

Friday 11th December 00:30 GMT Tip-off time / 01:30 CET

  • Philadelphia 76ers @ Brooklyn Nets

Friday 11th December 01:00 GMT Tip-off time / 02:00 CET

  • Los Angeles Clippers @ Chicago Bulls
  • Atlanta Hawks @ Oklahoma City Thunder

Friday 11th December 03:30 GMT Tip-off time / 04:30 CET

  • New York Knicks @ Sacramento Kings

The 76ers travel to Brooklyn knowing that this sort of game is likely to represent their best chance of success. With just one win in the season so far going into this week, it has been another terrible time for the Philadelphia team but the trip to Brooklyn could offer some respite and a little bit of light going into the festive period.

If that is a game between two teams at the lower end of the NBA, the clash between the Hawks and the Thunder is likely to be an example of two of the better teams in the NBA, so this could be a game for the NBA UK and European fans to stay up late.

Saturday 12th December 00:00 GMT Tip-off time / 01:00 CET

  • Cleveland Cavaliers @ Orlando Magic
  • Detroit Pistons @ Philadelphia 76ers
  • Miami Heat @ Indiana Pacers

Saturday 12th December 00:30 GMT Tip-off time / 01:30 CET

  • Golden State Warriors @ Boston Celtics
  • Milwaukee Bucks @ Toronto Raptors

Saturday 12th December 01:00 GMT Tip-off time / 02:00 CET

  • Washington Wizards @ New Orleans Pelicans
  • Charlotte Hornets @ Memphis Grizzlies

Saturday 12th December 02:00 GMT Tip-off time / 03:00 CET

  • Minnesota Timberwolves @ Denver Nuggets
  • Oklahoma City Thunder @ Utah Jazz

Saturday 12th December 02:30 GMT Tip-off time / 03:30 CET

  • Portland Trail Blazers @ Phoenix Suns
  • Los Angeles Lakers @ San Antonio Spurs

Saturday 12th December 22:00 GMT Tip-off time / 23:00 CET

  • Los Angeles Clippers @ Brooklyn Nets

Los Angeles Clippers LogoThere is some late night Saturday action for basketball fans in the UK and Europe with the Clippers travelling to Brooklyn but the real action comes in the early hours of Saturday morning for NBA fans over here.

If the Warriors are still undefeated going into this date, they’ll have the difficult task of winning in Boston to keep their run going. The Celtics would love to be the team to stop the side from the Golden State in their tracks but of course, this is easier said than done, as so many teams have found.

The Lakers in San Antonio has a chance of being a great match and the Jazz will fancy their chances in a tough tie against the Thunder. The NBA schedule has lined up a cracking weekend for basketball fans and whether your focus is on basketball betting or watching great teams, you should find that there is plenty on offer.

Sunday 13th December 00:00 GMT Tip-off time / 01:00 CET

  • Boston Celtics @ Charlotte Hornets

Sunday 13th December 00:30 GMT Tip-off time / 01:30 CET

  • Indiana Pacers @ Detroit Pistons

Sunday 13th December 01:00 GMT Tip-off time / 02:00 CET

  • New Orleans Pelicans @ Chicago Bulls
  • San Antonio Spurs @ Atlanta Hawks
  • Los Angeles Lakers @ Houston Rockets

Sunday 13th December 01:30 GMT Tip-off time / 02:30 CET

  • Golden State Warriors @ Milwaukee Bucks
  • Washington Wizards @ Dallas Mavericks

Sunday 13th December 03:00 GMT Tip-off time / 04:00 CET

  • New York Knicks @ Portland Trail Blazers

Sunday 13th December 20:30 GMT Tip-off time / 21:30 CET

  • Minnesota Timberwolves @ Phoenix Suns

Sunday 13th December 23:00 GMT Tip-off time / 00:00 CET (Monday 14th December)

  • Philadelphia 76ers @ Toronto Raptors
  • Memphis Grizzlies @ Miami Heat

There are plenty of games for UK and European fans on Sunday in the NBA schedule and there is even a game at a reasonable hour in the evening. You can even make your way into Monday with a couple of games.

The Celtics and the Warriors are both back into action quickly which means that fatigue may play a result in some of the games. The Wizards trip to Dallas could be of interest and there is something enticing about the Minnesota Timberwolves trip to Portland. It isn’t going to be the game that catches your eye but it is something that could be well worth checking out.

Monday 14th December 00:00 GMT Tip-off time / 01:00 CET

  • Utah Jazz @ Oklahoma City Thunder

If the thought of work is too much for you, delay the start of the new week by staying up late to see the Jazz travel to the Thunder.