CSKA Moscow vs. Anadolu Efes Istanbul

We are already looking forward to the end of May, and the finale to this season’s EuroLeague. Cologne is the host city for the EuroLeague Final Four, and we know fans of the four teams involved are already getting excited. You also have the many European basketball betting fans looking forward to what the tournament will bring.

On Friday 28th May 2021, the EuroLeague semi-finals take place. One of the games will be:

CSKA Moscow vs. Anadolu Efes Istanbul

These teams have clashed two times so far this season, and the games have been split. There have been some big score lines in these games, so if you are looking for a semi-final match-up that promises a lot of points and drama, this could be exactly what you are looking for.

For now though, we can look back at these games and use them to preview the big matches that are coming our way at the end of the month.

CSKA Moscow 100 – 65 Anadolu Efes Istanbul

CSKA Moscow

In Round 14 of this season’s Euroleague, back in December 2020, there was a thumping home for the Moscow side. It won’t be a surprise to see the home side outscored their opponent in every quarter, with the lowest score for the hosts coming at the start of the game.

After an opening quarter tally of 20 points, CSKA followed this up with a 27, 27 and 26 in each quarter. The firepower that the Russians have at their disposal is huge, and it is something they will seek to deploy in the Final Four as best they can.

We all know CSKA Moscow are one of the most consistent sides in European basketball, and this game is the perfect example of how they overpower teams.

Will Clyburn delivered 22 points in the win, but this was a game where the points came across the squad. Vasilije Micic was the top point scorer for Anadolu in this game, notching 14 points.

Anadolu Efes Istanbul 100-70 CSKA Moscow

Anadolu Efes Istanbul

Of course, while CSKA Moscow are a hugely impressive team, they can be defeated. In Round 28, played in March of this year, Anadolu achieved revenge with a thumping of their own!

An opening quarter blitz of 31 points set the tone for this match, with the hosts winning the first three quarters, and the final session of the game being tied. The half-time score was 55-28, and the Russian side must have felt shellshocked during the break!

Vasilije Micic was again the top point scorer for the Turkish side in this game, grabbing 21 points in the demolition job. Tornike Shengelia offered 14 points in the startling loss for the Moscow side.

Therefore, both teams are very aware of the threat their opponent holds, and this means the semi-final could be an interesting matchup. The teams might decide to blast their way throughout the game, which would be a breath-taking spectacle for fans. Of course, caution often leads the way in semis, so we’ll need to see what approach these teams take.