Euroleague Final Four Madrid 2015If there is one thing that basketball players love, it is statistics. The game revolves around a number of key areas and whether you are looking to predict how future games will pan out for Euroleague basketball betting purposes, or you just enjoy the mechanics of the game you love, there is a lot to be said for getting your hands on statistics. Stats alone don’t tell you everything, but they are interesting and can provide you with some pointers as to why the game panned out in such a manner.

One area where the Euroleague really focuses on is the Index rating. This gives you an indicator of how a player is performing overall, and what benefit they are giving to their team. Of course, at the start of the final quarter, Vasiliss Spanoulis from Olympiacos was on a Performance Index Rating of -4, but a stunning last quarter display ensured that his team was going to the final. This means that you should take a lot from these stats, but sometimes, they don’t provide you with information on which player was most important in the game.

Jan Vesely was the main man for ratings

Jan Vesely from Fenerbahce was the most highly rated player in the semi-finals, scoring 31 points, which was just one ahead of Gustavo Ayon, of Real Madrid, who grabbed 30 points. Andrew Goudelock, also of Fenerbahce, was next in line with 29 points before there was a drop-off to 22 points, which was the score of Georgios Printezis from Olympiacos.

The top three scoring players all came from one game and two of the top three ranked players were in the losing team. All in all, this is a useful rating to see how individuals perform but at the end of the game, it is usually best to have a strong team performance.

Andrew Goudelock knows how to score points

Andrew Goudelock - Fenerbahce Ulker IstanbulAndrew Goudelock was the top scorer in the semi-final with 26 points and Jan Vesely was the second top scorer with 20 points. With these two ranking in the top three of the Performance Index Rating, it is clear that scoring points has a big influence in the rating, which it should because this is the most important issue of all of the important issues in the game. Nando De Colo from CSKA Moscow was joint-third with 18 points, and he shared this achievement with the other player in the top 3 from the Performance Index Rating, Gustavo Ayon.

The main man for rebounds was Georgios Printezis, grabbing 8 points for Olympiacos and then we have those three familiar names cropping up again. Ayon from Real Madrid provided 7 rebounds on Friday night and Vesely and Goudelock from Fenerbahce both offered up 6 points in their semi-final defeat.

For assists, Real Madrid were out in front. Sergio Llull provided 9 points, Sergio Rodriguez provided 7 assists and Gustavo Ayon provided 6. Next in line were the CSKA Moscow pairing with Milos Teodosic providing 5 assists and Nando De Colo offering up 4 assists.

Aaron Jackson was the clear leader for steals, and his 7 steals ensured he had the most steals in one game in the Euroleague Final Four. His closes rivals were Gustavo Ayon and Vasilis Spanoulis, both of whom grabbed 3 steals in their game. Gustavo Ayon performed very well across the board and he will be a key man if Real Madrid are to finally end their wait for another Euroleague triumph.

These stats are important, and they may give you a tip in the right direction for any prop bets you are looking forward to for the final day of the Euroleague Final Four, but remember, stats don’t tell you everything. As an eccentric soccer coach (Ebbe Skovdahl) once said;

Statistics are like mini-skirts. They give you good ideas but they hide the most important things.