Euroleague Basketball LogoWhen it comes to getting the most enjoyment or entertainment from a sport, it is easy to see why people will sometimes want more than just the sport itself. It may be that you are watching a game between two teams you don’t follow or the action isn’t really grabbing you. In these instances, there is an opportunity to add some spice and fire to the sporting action, by placing a bet on the game. Basketball fans have plenty of betting opportunities to enjoy and there is no denying that the Euroleague provides plenty of great ways to make games more exciting while playing for some money.

Of course, when you place a bet, you want to make sure that everything is fair and above board. There may be times when the games are dead rubbers and the teams involved don’t have a lot of motivation. This can lead to some players not being at their best, and this provides an opportunity when it comes to betting and being a winner. However, you want to make sure that all of the bets you place are on games that are fair and the Euroleague is taking additional steps to provide their fans with confidence in the 2015/16 Euroleague season.

SportIM sign up with Euroleague

Sport Integrity Monitor LogoThis is because Euroleague Basketball has signed a long term partnership agreement with Sport Integrity Monitor, SportIM. This will see the monitoring agency helping Euroleague to prevent match-fixing taking place in the league. The new agreement sees Euroleague gaining access to the basketball monitoring system utilised by SportIM. This deal will also see the league gaining access to education specialists and integrity analysts. All of which is great news for basketball betting fans. It is not as if match-fixing is a major concern for basketball fans in Europe at the moment, but it is something to be aware of. This is something that can creep easily into the odd game or even the odd moment, so knowing that it is being properly monitored will be a great comfort to all involved with the sport. If you believe that prevention is the best cure, this move will be a very welcome one.

SportIM have an awful lot of basketball data

The SportIM system has details and data from more than 35,000 live basketball games every year, and they also have a decade of basketball data. With odds and stats from the betting markets around the world, SportIM are confident about keeping on top of anything that looks suspicious. The firm uses a number of algorithms and processes which allows them to monitor action in real-time and spot anything untoward.

Eduward Scott is the Chief Operating Officer of Euroleague Basketball and he said;

Thanks to reaching agreements with innovative organisations such as SportIM, we are able to use their expertise and state-of-the-art technology in order to help protect the integrity of our sport. We are confident that this relationship will minimise the threat of match and spot-fixing whilst ensuring that all Euroleague Basketball games can withstand the strictest scrutiny.

SportIM are also delighted to have reached an agreement with Euroleague and Mark Locke, the Chief Executive of the company, believes that in taking a proactive approach to preventing match-fixing, Euroleague have helped to manage and maintain the integrity of the league.