Paul GeorgeWhen Paul George suffered his horrific injury with Team USA, there were serious concerns about the players’ ability to play again in his career. It seems as though Paul George is not overly concerned with this sort of talk and he is looking forward to getting back into the swing of things this season. This is all fully dependent on the Pacers making the Play-Off though but George is remaining positive and upbeat about the chances of this happening.

When taking to his clubs online site, George spoke candidly about the injury. He said;

Everything happens for a reason. It gave me a chance to be in the weight room and spend some time there. I’ve got to use this as a blessing. It’s tough to say you got hurt for a reason, but I honestly think I did. Now everything is starting to come back for me. I’m feeling great. I’ve been cleared to be in the weight room and work out. That’s been keeping me positive and sane.

It is understandable that he wants to be positive in his outlook but saying the chance to hit the weights room is a good thing is perhaps taking things a little too far. However, this is the sort of mental attitude and approach that players in George’s state have to take in life to get back to where they used to be. There is no getting away from the fact that the player will be absolutely gutted about the injury but if he was to wallow in the injury or feel sorry for himself, he would hamper his chances of getting back to the top. When it comes to bouncing back from injury, there is a need to show mental strength and tenacity, which is definitely something that Paul George has in abundance.

Paul George will hit the road with the Pacers

Paul GeorgeThe player has stated that he expects to hit the road with the team on some of the trips that take place later in the season. This could be good for the player, but it could also be good for the entire team. There is a lot to be said for the motivational aspect that comes from being around your team-mates and if George remains positive and upbeat, he could find be an inspiration to his team. George clearly wants his colleagues to win in his absence and he has an outside chance, in his mind, of making the Playoffs if his team-mates book their place there. The coaching staff are assuming that Paul George is out for the season but the player clearly has a goal in mind and who can blame him for wanting to look ahead and set himself targets.

George said;

It’s very possible that I can play. I’ve talked to all the guys and said, ‘Man, you guys have to get in the playoffs. That’s the best chance I’ve got of coming back and playing this year.’ I’ve already got it in mind that I could miss this whole year. I’m come to peace with that, but I’d love to be able to come back and play again.

The incentive is available for the Pacers and the player

Not having Paul George in the team will definitely make it more difficult for the Pacers to make the Play-Offs but knowing that he could be available to play if they get there may provide an incentive for all of the players on the team! Whether this is all part of the mind-games that George has to play to ensure he bounces back from the injury remains to be seen but you can’t beat a bit of positive mental attitude in life!