FIBA World Cup BettingThis is the stage of the FIBA World Cup when things get really exciting because when a team loses, they know that their time at the tournament is over. When you get to the next round, you are either one step from the final or you have the consolation of a third and fourth play-off, so the tournament doesn’t end with your defeat. This is why this round is all or nothing, defeat or glory, and that means that there are some pretty exciting games to look for.

Of course, you may agree with the betting sites that two of the ties are already won, just waiting on confirmation of the final score line. There is no doubt that Spain and USA are head and shoulders above the rest of the tournament but all sports fans hold out hope for a shock or an upset. It is unlikely, but there is a chance that Spain or USA could be bundled out of the tournament within the next day or two, and when it comes to hope, no set of people do it better than sports fans! If you are looking for the biggest outsider basketball betting opportunity of the summer, this is likely to be your last opportunity to find such attractive odds.

It may be that it is the other two matches, with more slightly balanced teams that catch your eye. The quarter final stage is not the stage any team wants to lose at because if you get through this game, you know you have a shot at a medal coming your way. When you think about the way that Spain and USA are ranked compared to the rest of the teams, Lithuania, Turkey, Serbia and Brazil all know that getting any sort of medal out of the 2014 FIBA World Cup would be a massive triumph and these teams stand a fair chance of getting to a semi-final place that will guarantee them a shot at a medal.

Games played on Tuesday the 9th of September

  • Lithuania v Turkey
  • Slovenia v USA

Bwin think that Lithuania will get the better of their Turkish opponents as they are listing Lithuania at 1.40 while offering odds of 2.90 for Turkey. These are far tighter odds than you will find in the other game of the day. Slovenia are listed at 26.00 while Team USA are listed at 1.01.

Over at Bet365, there is a slight touch of variety but not too much. Lithuania are listed at 1.41 while Turkey are listed at 3.00. Team USA are listed at 1.005 while outsiders Slovenia can be found at 21.00.

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Games played on Wednesday the 10th of September

  • Serbia v Brazil
  • Spain v France

The Brazilian triumph over Argentina in the last 16 round indicates that the team is on a roll and this is something that Bwin are in agreement with. The site provides odds of 1.50 for Brazil to win the game while you find odds of 2.55 for Serbia. The other game sees France listed as 9.25 outsiders as they take on the host nation Spain, who are listed at 1.01 by Bwin.

Brazil can be found at 1.47 to win their game while Serbia can found at 2.70. France are listed at 11.75 by Bet365 while host nation Spain can be found at 1.050.

The two sites are in agreement about the outcome of the two games which means that if the bookmakers are to be followed, the semi-final matches will be Lithuania versus USA and Brazil versus Spain. It looks as though the much expected final between Spain and USA is on its way although there are still teams that are desperate to prevent that from happening.

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