NBA LogoThere is no doubt that training camps are essential for many players in the NBA, but there is obviously a great deal that rookie players can learn from these camps. No matter how much talent a player shows before they make the step up to the NBA, there is a lot of pressure involved with playing in the big league, so players need to be at the top of their game. The more time spent in training camp, the more prepared a player is likely to be for the challenges and tribulations that come along with the big league in basketball.

However, it seems as though the NBA provides more than just a helping hand with respect to the skills and strategies that a player has to learn for the sport. This is because the league also provides a training camp that helps young players learn how to cope with the demands away from the court. It may seem like being thrust into spotlight and begin given a lot of money is great news for young basketball players but far too many youngsters go off the rails when this happens. This is why the NBA provides the Rookie Transition Program and it has been responsible for helping many youngsters develop their life off the court at the same as improving their skills on the court.

The Rookie Transition program has been running since 1986 so it is not as if it is a new phenomenon but given the vast sums of money that even rookie players are earning these days, it is important that people are supported. Being shown how to dress like an adult, act like an adult, set a good example in your community and look after your money are all daunting challenges for any youngster so you can imagine the increased pressure that falls on a youngster that is being looked at by the media and millions of sports fans from around the world.

Every draftee must attend this event

Every draftee is contractually required to take the seminar and it goes into great detail about what is expected of a player. It informs player that the league has a dress code that is based upon the business-casual set up. If you are a youngster from a sports background, you may not have too many classy items in your wardrobe but at least the NBA sets out examples of what you should be wearing. According to the league, everyone who is considered to be a gentleman should have a raincoat, a peacoat, a varsity jacket and an overcoat. They should also have access to three suits, one in black, one in blue and one in grey.

The league also goes into providing support with respect to some of the biggest difficulties players can face in life when they first become stars. There is a focus on drug addition, alcohol addiction and there is also a focus placed on women of ill repute. A great deal of focus is placed on how to provide good interviews, on how to handle their money and how to handle people around them who may be looking for money from them. There are many problems associated with hitting the big time that not many players would consider. This is why it is crucial for players to get as much support as they can.

The course also offers tips on driving a new car and on how a person should handle their personal image. There is no doubt making it to the NBA is a dream for most players but when they get there, they may find that their learning days are only just beginning.