NBA LogoWith the All-Stars game looming, some players and fans may find that their thoughts are drifting towards the big spectacle in the NBA, but there is all to play for this week. Now that the Superbowl has taken place, most US sporting attention falls on the NBA and the drive in the latter half of the season and for many teams, the stakes are getting higher on a weekly basis.

The Warriors had a quiet week last week but they still managed to remain out in front and now hold a 46-4 record for the season. The Spurs are right behind them though and the San Antonio team deserves a great deal of credit for amassing a 43-8 record at this stage of the campaign. The Thunder are 38-14, the Cavaliers are 36-14 and the Raptors are 34-16 going into the new week of NBA action.

The 76ers are now the only NBA team still in single figures with respect to wins and their 8-43 record is depressing for all in Philadelphia but around the league.

Tuesday 9th February 00:00 GMT Tip-off time / 01:00 CET

  • Sacramento Kings @ Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Los Angeles Lakers @ Indiana Pacers
  • Los Angeles Clippers @ Philadelphia 76ers
  • Chicago Bulls @ Charlotte Hornets

Tuesday 9th February 00:30 GMT Tip-off time / 01:30 CET                                   

  • Denver Nuggets @ Brooklyn Nets
  • Toronto Raptors @ Detroit Pistons

Tuesday 9th February 01:00 GMT Tip-off time / 02:00 CET

  • New Orleans Pelicans @ Minnesota Timberwolves
  • Portland Trail Blazers @ Memphis Grizzlies
  • Orlando Magic @ Atlanta Hawks

Tuesday 9th February 02:00 GMT Tip-off time / 03:00 CET                                   

  • Oklahoma City Thunder @ Phoenix Suns

When it comes to a close match, you’ll find that the Denver Nuggets trip to Brooklyn is one to look out for. Taking the Nuggets at -2, at odds of 1.90, should be a decent bet for this game. The Pacers should be able to dismantle the Lakers, and taking Indiana at -11.5, at odds of 1.90 is likely to be a decent bet to get the week started in the right manner.

Going OVER 198.5, which is available at odds of 1.90, in the Portland Trail Blazers and Memphis Grizzlies game is likely to be a decent bet and opting to go OVER 205.5, at odds of 1.90, in the Toronto Raptors trip to the Detroit Pistons should pay off.

Wednesday 10th February 01:00 GMT Tip-off time / 02:00 CET

  • Boston Celtics @ Milwaukee Bucks
  • San Antonio Spurs @ Miami Heat
  • Washington Wizards @ New York Knicks

Wednesday 10th February 01:30 GMT Tip-off time / 02:30 CET                                   

  • Utah Jazz @ Dallas Mavericks

Wednesday 10th February 03:30 GMT Tip-off time / 04:30 CET                                                     

  • Houston Rockets @ Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors LogoThe Warriors should be edging closer to 50 wins in a home game against the Rockets and the Wizards should be able to defeat the Knicks in New York, but this is a game that could offer up plenty of excitement. However, the game of the night could well be in Miami where the Heat welcome the Spurs. The Spurs are flying high but still moving slightly under the radar but the Heat have serious play-off ambitions, which mean that both teams will be going all out for a win in this one.

Any NBA fans in the UK or Europe staying up late to catch this game should find that the NBA schedule has offered up something quite exciting for them.

Thursday 11th February 00:00 GMT Tip-off time / 01:00 CET

  • Charlotte Hornets @ Indiana Pacers
  • Sacramento Kings @ Philadelphia 76ers
  • San Antonio Spurs @ Orlando Magic

Thursday 11th February 00:30 GMT Tip-off time / 01:30 CET                                   

  • Memphis Grizzlies @ Brooklyn Nets
  • Los Angeles Clippers @ Boston Celtics
  • Denver Nuggets @ Detroit Pistons

Thursday 11th February 01:00 GMT Tip-off time / 02:00 CET

  • Atlanta Hawks @ Chicago Bulls
  • Toronto Raptors @ Minnesota Timberwolves
  • Utah Jazz @ New Orleans Pelicans
  • Los Angeles Lakers @ Cleveland Cavaliers

Thursday 11th February 02:00 GMT Tip-off time / 03:00 CET

  • Golden State Warriors @ Phoenix Suns

Thursday 11th February 03:30 GMT Tip-off time / 03:30 CET

  • Houston Rockets @ Portland Trail Blazers

San Antonio Spurs LogoThe NBA schedule is rammed full in the early hours of Thursday morning for European and UK fans so if you are planning a late night at any point this week, make sure that you choose Wednesday going into Thursday.

The Spurs in Orlando looks like being a great game, the Cavaliers should be able to rack up points at home to the Lakers and the Hawks in Chicago could be a great encounter. The Warriors are in Phoenix and this could be a tough encounter for the all-conquering NBA champions. The Grizzlies should be confident in Brooklyn and the Kings need to be defeating the 76ers with a bit to spare.

Friday 12th February 01:00 GMT Tip-off time / 02:00 CET

  • Washington Wizards @ Milwaukee Bucks
  • New Orleans Pelicans @ Oklahoma City Thunder

The NBA action curtails quietly in the early hours of Friday morning for UK and NBA fans with the Wizards in Milwaukee and the Pelicans travelling to take on the Thunder.

This is all the action there is in the week ahead in the NBA as we then take a break for the NBA All-Star game. Basketball fans in the UK and Europe will be able to see the East versus the West, taking place in Toronto, at 1am GMT, or 2am CET, on Monday the 15th of February.