LeBron James PoweradeThe biggest star in the NBA has announced where he is heading to from Miami and in many ways, LeBron James is going home. The 29 year old player announced the decision to make his way back to the team he began his NBA career with 11 years ago. James gave an in-depth interview to the Sports Illustrated magazine and he intimated that he always believed he would make his way back to Cleveland to see out his career. Whether James sees this as being his final move in basketball remains to be seen, but it seems as though the player is ready to make amends for running out on the club a few years ago.

Cavaliers fans had to look on LeBron James scaled new heights and you have to take on board the fact that the player has been the most valuable player in the NBA on four occasions. He would have had his pick of teams across the league but there are sometimes simple reasons why players settle on a particular move.

LeBron James is already married and he has two boys with his wife. However, his wife is currently pregnant with their third child, who the player said will be a girl, and there are times when you want to move back home and be settled in a good environment for your family. James grew up less than 40 miles from Cleveland, so this is a move that definitely fits with his current state in life. Miami life is brilliant and can be very exciting but if you are looking to bring up a young family in the right surroundings, you may decide that moving away from the madness of Miami is for the best.

This time The Decision was not televised

Way back in 2003, LeBron James was snapped up by the Cleveland Cavaliers as the first pick and he grew in importance, to the team and the league, over the next 7 years. By the time 2010 rolled, he was in high demand and this was when James had a big call to make. The fact that he did so on a big TV show, The Decision screened by ESPN, was over the top and spectacular. The NBA felt it was brilliant but you can imagine that it wasn’t too popular with many fans of the Cavs who were quick to show their anger in the aftermath of James’ decision to head to Miami.

This may have been a move that left a bad taste in the mouth of Cavs fans but NBA fans got the chance to witness James tearing up opposition alongside Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. The four seasons James had at Miami were glittering and there will be a lot of people wondering where this leaves the Heat. The team reached four NBA Finals in the four LeBron years, winning in 2012 and 2013. While the Heat fans were delighted when James left Cleveland for them, it seems as though they have reacted in a negative fashion upon hearing that James is going home. There have been reports of LeBron James mural being defaced in Miami!

James knows success may not be as easy to achieve in Cleveland

As you would expect, and with a fanbase to win over again, LeBron has promised fans that he is looking to bring success to the team and the city but it is important to not expect success to come too quickly. There is clearly a big difference between the starting points of Miami and Cleveland, and if any Cavs fans think that one player, even if that one player is LeBron James, will turn their fortunes around, they may find that life doesn’t quite live up to their expectations.

There is also the fact that James will be hooking up with a new coach in the NBA, David Blatt. Blatt led Cleveland Cavaliers LogoMaccabi Electra Tel Aviv to European glory this season but if you asked him at the end of the final in Milan if you thought he’d be coaching LeBron James in a matter of months, he would have laughed!

As you would expect, there has been a lot of reaction to this news with even people from outside of the world of sport have been getting involved with the James to Cleveland story. Supermodel and all-round superwoman Kate Upton couldn’t resist engaging with her twitter followers about basketball. No matter what Kate says, we listen to but you have to admit that her thoughts on why the Cavs were set to make a lot of money from the deal made sense. After all, the Cavaliers fans would have to rush out and buy new tops and merchandise with James name and face on it because they burned and broke all of their original material!

The return of LeBron will be interesting, and some of this will be down to the fact that many Cavs fans took his exit in a bad way. There were a lot of harsh things said and a lot of silly actions took place. There may be some fans that still harbour a bit of resentment against LeBron, which means that he will have to win the fans over with some stunning displays on the court. This shouldn’t be a problem because if there is one player that is capable of serving up stunning displays on a basketball court, it is LeBron James.

There was a lot of anger in Cleveland in 2010 with a lot of harsh things said about LeBron and the decision. Of course, this is sport and sports fans and professionals have a tremendous ability to change their mind in an instant. This means that Cleveland has already welcomed James back with open arms.

Of course, this is going to seriously impact on the way that many people feel about the upcoming NBA season. Will the LeBron James factor be enough to push the Cavaliers up the league and into the Play-Offs and maybe beyond? There is also the fact that the LeBron James factor may be enough to entice in other players to the team and you could be looking at a Cavs team that is significantly different from the one that finished the campaign? This means that the betting for the NBA 2014/15 season is likely to get very interesting.