There is no getting away from the fact that the basketball world outside of America and the NBA is thriving. The NBA is still the market leader and this is where the majority of players want to play, but it is easy to see why there are some NBA level players that are having their head turned by offers from overseas.

There are plenty of great reasons to leave the NBA behind and try something new out. There is a great deal of money in the NBA but of course, the players at the top end of the league take most of the cash and players near the bottom end of the league may feel that their talents are not properly recognised. There is also the fact that some players may feel that their talents don’t get the chance to shine because of the big name and best quality of players in the league. Then again, some players appreciate the fact that there is a lower level of pressure in other leagues than the NBA.

See the world while you play basketball

CBA LogoAlso, there is a lot to be said for experiencing other parts of the world. If a basketball team in Europe or the Far East is going to give you the opportunity to see some of the most glorious areas of the world while being paid handsomely to play basketball, you can see why so many people would be keen to up sticks and jet off to try something new.

There is also the fact that many players cannot find a NBA team willing to sign them or at least offer them a contract that they think they deserve. This is why players like Jordan Crawford decide it is time to take a break and head off somewhere else to play basketball. The former Wizard is heading to China as he is off to play for the Xinjiang Flying Tigers. When you think that Crawford is a former first round choice, this is quite a big move. However, as a player, there have been issues off the court that have sometimes impacted on the overall opinion of Crawford.

Crawford has already travelled a great deal in the NBA

He was a player who found himself out of favour in Washington and he headed off to Boston and for a while, he looked to be shining for the Celtic. He was even named the Eastern Conference Player of the week back in December but then found himself traded off to the Golden State Warriors. This move didn’t last either and he was replaced when the Warriors picked up Steve Blake.

Jordan CrawfordCrawford has had four seasons in the NBA, but he has also had four teams in the NBA in this time. There was supposedly some interest from the Knicks and the Lakers, amongst others, but in the end, Crawford has decided to travel across the Pacific Ocean although you wouldn’t think that this was a lengthy deal which will see him playing out the rest of his career in China. Even going by his NBA history, there is a very strong chance that Crawford will be looking for a new team before too long, and that isn’t even taking into account how he will feel about settling down in a different culture and country.

Then again, if he can make a great deal of money for one year away, then it is likely to be the right decision for him and his loved ones. If an NBA team is only going to an offer a minimum level of contract, you say why players operating at the level that Crawford operates at would prefer to head abroad and pick up some additional cash. It may also be the fresh start the player needs, a chance to develop new skills and pick up a few more tricks to his game that will make him an even more important player for NBA teams.