We all that the Miami heat trio of LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade are the big name players that could be heading to pastures new this summer but there is a level of debate about whether these players are actually looking to join a new club. It may well be that this is a perfect opportunity for the players, and the Heat, to re-evaluate where they are. Don’t be surprised to see 1, 2 or maybe even all 3 players remaining in Miami but you would think that taking the chance to freshen things up, even slightly, will appeal to at least one of the players. It may well be that the chance to freshen things up will appeal to the Heat as well.

However, it would be wrong to focus entirely on the Heat trio as there are plenty of other free agents in the NBA this summer. Now that the NBA Draft is done and dusted, the focus falls on the free agents and there is a great deal of excitement on offer this summer.

Carmelo Anthony looks to be on the move

Carmelo AnthonyOne of the other big names on the lookout for a new move this summer is Carmelo Anthony. The player has opted out of the contract that he held with the New York Knicks and this is a move that some basketball experts think will definitely take place. There is an issue for Anthony to weigh up this summer and he needs to decide if he is going to move for money or if he is going to move to a team where he will stand a chance of winning a title in the new season.

Another good name that may be on the move this summer is Eric Bledsoe, who is a restricted free agent. However, Bledsoe is another player that no one expects to really move on and there is every chance that the Phoenix Suns are going to work hard to keep Bledsoe on the team.

Chandler Parsons is a player that the Rockets would like to retain but there is a feeling that if they can get one of the big name players, they will be happy to let him go in order to grab someone else. If Parsons is on the move, teams like the Timberwolves, the Mavericks, the Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers could welcome him with open arms.

Will Dirk remain with the Mavericks?

Dirk NowitzkiDirk Nowitzki is a player that is a free agent with no restrictions but if the Mavericks owner has his way, the player will be going nowhere. The thing is though, at the moment, the expectation is on the player taking a wage cut, which will help the team make space with respect to their salary cap.

The Toronto Raptors are a team that would be keen to hold on to Kyle Lowry but he is likely to heading to Florida or Los Angeles if he gets his way.

This is an exciting time of year for NBA fans, players and teams and even though the 2014/15 season is quite a bit away, some of the decisions made in the next week or so may have a huge outcome on the upcoming basketball season. If you have an interest in the NBA futures market, the movement of free agents in July may influence your thinking.