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Fantasy Basketball Statistics

Daily Fantasy Basketball - StatisticsWhen it comes to being a winner at daily fantasy basketball, the right players make all the difference but in order to pick the right players, you need to understand the criteria that matters for these players. This is why you need to focus on the statistics involved with fantasy basketball scoring. You want to find the players that can score well across the board in these key areas, or who are so strong in a certain area that you will receive the benefit from selecting them.

Different team owners have different opinions with respect to statistics and how you should focus on them, and that is okay. There is no one set way to pick the prefect roster for your fantasy basketball team, but you need to have an understanding of how points are scored, and this comes down to the statistics that are used.

The most commonly used categories for fantasy basketball leagues are:

  • Points
  • Rebounds
  • Assists
  • Steals
  • Blocks
  • Three-pointers Made
  • Field Goal Percentage
  • Free Throw Percentage

The first six categories on the list are classed as “counting statistics”. This means that you add up the totals from your individual players to find out the total points for your team. With respect to the bottom two, these are percentage statistics, which means that the score you obtain will be based upon the total shooting percentage of your team. It is quite easy to work out these percentages; you simply divide the total number of successful shots in the field by the total number of shots in the field.

Not all leagues use the same fantasy basketball statistics

Some leagues do things a bit differently. Some teams will add or takeaway points for turnovers and some teams will use an assist to turnover ratio rather than a straight assists tally. There are even some leagues that utilise a three point percentage statistic. Knowing what categories are being used in the league because there are some players that will score very well in one category but who may score poorly in another category. A player that plays in a team that creates a lot of shooting opportunities is good for the points and assists categories but if they have a low conversion rate for these chances, selecting this player may harm you when it comes to the percentage categories.

Knowing how your team points are scored is crucial for fantasy basketball

Understanding how points are scored allows you to better judge what players are likely to be of benefit to you. If you are in an auction league, understanding the value of players will often help you find unappreciated gems, but it can also help you avoid throwing a lot of your budget at players who will not provide you with a good return.

Most basketball fans are comfortable with statistics and they know that while individual statistics don’t tell the full story, you can judge how a player or team made by looking at their statistics. Some players offer very consistent statistics, with these players being a great backbone for your fantasy basketball side but it is the players who are hot and cold that can swing competitions and leagues.

Knowing which players have the ability to score well in some categories in certain games, and then rotating your squad to take advantage of the games where a player should perform better, is often the key to winning matchups and leagues. Understanding the statistics and looking at the actual games can help you to clean up when playing fantasy basketball.


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