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Decide upon three things at the start: the rules, the stakes and when to quit.

Euroleague Final Four Betting Guide

Euroleague Final Four Madrid 2015 LogoThe Euroleague Final Four packs an awful lot into one weekend and if you are looking for an event that brings fans together and offers plenty of drama, you will find it hard to find a weekend that compares in the basketball calendar. Four teams descend on a host city, which in 2015 is Madrid, and play off to determine who the Euroleague Champion for the season is. With the Final Four Fanzone and plenty of other additional events and activities on offer over the course of the weekend, the Euroleague Final Four is a fiesta of basketball that is one of the highlights of the European sporting year.

2015 Euroleague Final Four Betting Tips


As you would expect from an event that welcomes four teams, action gets underway with semi-final games. In the Final Four, this sees two games taking place on the first day of the event (usually a Friday and in 2015, Friday the 15th of May).

The semi-final games in the 2015 Euroleague Final Four are:

  • CSKA Moscow v Olympiacos
  • Real Madrid v Fenerbahce

The teams from Moscow and Madrid are deemed to be the favourites in their individual games, but as we have seen at Final Fours over the years, the favourite isn’t always the winner. As a team from the host city, Madrid can expect to have a large level of support during the event but all of the teams will have their own band of fans and backers during the weekend.

As you would expect from basketball matches, there are chances to bet on the outcome of the game, with Money Line bets, and there are also handicap bets on offer. Another popular style of bet for Euroleague Final Four games are the Over/Under bets, where fans bet on how many points will be scored in the game, and whether it will be above or below a certain amount.

There is a great deal of pressure involved with these games you play the entire season and no matter how strong or dominant you have been, one slip could ruin your entire campaign. Some players thrive on this style of pressure while others wilt, so be sure to weigh up the games before blindly tipping the favourites to win.

The Euroleague Final Four is a popular event across Europe and beyond, which means that there will be a lot of live coverage of these games. Some TV providers will offer up live coverage and there will be streaming options, including streaming options from betting sites like Bet365. If you are looking to watch the game and stay active with a bet, you will find that there are plenty of live in-play betting options for the Euroleague Final Four semi-finals.

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The Third and Fourth Match

Saturday is a day off in the Final Four so the two losing semi-finalists get back into action on Sunday the 17th of May. When you lose a semi-final, you invariably want to get away from the scene of the crime as quickly as possible, but having the chance to clinch third place in a tournament provides a chance to bounce back quickly.

The third and fourth games are normally overlooked by many fans, who are keen to enjoy the excitement and build-up to the final, but the third and fourth game offers a number of betting opportunities.

There is a lot to be said for examining the semi-final and the manner of the defeat and the psychology of it. If a team suffered a cruel loss in their semi-final, will they be in any fit shape to take on another game of such magnitude so soon. Some teams come into the third and fourth game with a point to prove and some teams come in mentally and physically shattered. If you are able to read human psychology and have an understanding for which players can bounce back quickly, you may find that the range of third and fourth place match bets give you a lot of scope to make some money.

The Final

This is what it is all about. This game is not just what the Final Four has been building up to; it is what the entire Euroleague season has been building up to. The two winning semi-finalists take to the court on Sunday the 15th of May knowing that they are one win away from glory, or one defeat away from a horrible summer where they replay the game over and over in their mind. There is a lot of pressure involved with a Championship game, but again, this is where you get to see what players have the skills and drive to stand up and be counted.

The Final Four climax can be enjoyed with Money Line bets, handicap bets, Over/Under bets, Prop bets, live in-play bets and this is also when the Futures bets reach their conclusion. If you have placed a Futures bet on what team will win the Euroleague Championship, this is the final game you need to negotiate before being a winner. There will be lots of Futures bets that have been decided and lost long before the Championship game, but if the team you have backed is in the Final, it all comes down to Sunday.

Whether you have bet on the Euroleague Final Four Futures market throughout the campaign or you are looking to enjoy live in-play betting during the Final itself, there is never a bad time to bet on the Euroleague. There is a wide range of sportsbooks and online betting sites providing a range of bets, so no matter what style of basketball bet you prefer or feel you have a handle on, there will be a betting option that is right for you.

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Different Types Of Euroleague Final Four Bets

We’ve discussed many of the different bets fans like to place on the Euroleague Final Four in the article, but you should look out for:

  • Futures bets
  • Point spread bets
  • Totals bets
  • Half-time wagers and half-bets
  • Live in-play bets
  • Prop bets

The half-time wager is when you bet on the outcome or status of the game at half-time. If you know a particular team starts well, it makes sense to back them in the opening half. Some teams prefer to conserve energy and play within themselves in the first half, so you should look to bet on them in the second half, or on their opponents in the first half. There is a psychology and flow to basketball for a lot of teams, and if you notice that one team is stronger in a particular half, half bets can provide you with a chance to take advantage of this.

Live in-play bets have become extremely popular, allowing you to engage in the game as it plays. This means that every play and every passage of the game is important, providing you with a chance to bet and win money. With the Final Four being shown live by many TV channels and online outlets, you can enhance your viewing by betting on the event as it unfolds.

Prop bets are on the rise for basketball and the wide array of online betting sites means that prop bets are never too far away. Examples of prop bets include:

  • Which team will win the top off
  • Which player will score the first basket of the game
  • Which team will reach to points first

There are also live prop bets including:

  • Which player will score the next basket
  • Which team will reach a set benchmark first (the benchmark usually goes up in multiples of 10)
  • Which team will score next
  • Who will score the next three point shot

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