NBA Finals BettingIt is not as if you need to add any additional excitement or drama to the NBA Finals. This is the culmination of the entire season and it all comes down to two clubs. The San Antonio Spurs are coming up against the Miami Heat, a team who are appearing in their fourth straight NBA Finals. This is the sort of experience that could stand a team in great shape for the gruelling demands of the biggest pressure games in basketball but this is absolutely no indicator that the Heat will get things all their own way.

This match-up is a repeat of the 2013 NBA Finals and it may be that the hunger for revenge in Spurs will be the factor that makes a difference this year. Last year was a 7 game thriller with the Heat eventually coming out on top by 4-3 and there were some stunning games of basketball. Game six, which the Heat dramatically won to tie the game, has been classed as one of the greatest games of basketball with players like LeBron James and Dwyane Wade citing it amongst the best games they have played in while NBA Legend Magic Johnson called it one of the best two or three games ever.

While the Heat has clinched the last two NBA Finals, it seems as though the bookmakers believe it is time for a change at the top of the pile in basketball. Both Bwin and Bet365 are calling the San Antonio Spurs favourites for the first game and favourites for the series.

Who will win game 1 of the 2014 NBA Finals?

You will find Bwin have priced Spurs at 1.53 while the Heat are listed as 2.55 for Game 1 of the 2014 NBA Finals. If you head over to Bet365, you will find that Spurs are listed at 1.54 while the Heat can be found at 2.65. This means if you think the Heat are going to cause an upset in the first game, make your way to Bet365.

The fact that Bwin have over 70 bets on the first game alone means that basketball fans should be able to get involved to every degree and level that they want. It is no surprise that the team here at is looking to combine the NBA Finals with a number of bets, this is two of our favourite things in one handy package, and we believe that plenty of other people will want to make a number of bets on the big game and series too.

Whether you are looking to bet on individual players, the spread, the margins, the scores of quarters, the rebounds, the assists and a whole lot more options, there is no shortage of basketball betting options. There is also the chance to place some bets on the entire series if you prefer to look at the bigger picture with basketball.

One interesting array of bets provided by Bet365 would be the Game and Series double. If you think Miami will win the first game and the series, you can get odds of 3.20 but if you think they’ll win the first game and then lose the series, you can get odds of 6.00. For San Antonio, you will get odds of 2.37 for a win in the first game and a win in the series but if you fancy Spurs to get off to a great start but then miss out in the overall series, you will find that the odds are listed as 4.33.

No matter how you like to bet on basketball games, the NBA Finals provide you the perfect opportunity to do so.

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