Final NBA First Round Playoff Game Takes Place

The Conference Semi-Finals begin on Sunday but we still have one more series to see out before the line-up is completed. There was one game on Friday night, which saw the Hawks book their place in the next round, but for today, it seems that the sporting world is focusing on Los Angeles.

The Hawks grabbed a massive win in Brooklyn, finally ending the spirit and endeavour shown by the Nets. There is a massive gulf in the series record of these two teams but over the course of the series, there hasn’t been too much between the teams. The Hawks won 87-111 and will square off against the Wizards in the next round of the Playoffs.

San Antonio Spurs @ Los Angeles Clippers

So we enter Game 7 in this series and the reigning NBA Champions need to pull an away win out of the bag to continue their season. In many ways it is a shame that this series has to end, it has been gripping right from the start, but with Conference Semi-Finals starting on Sunday, there is a need to get this series wrapped up so we can move on with the season. You may think that the Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao fight is the big show in Los Angeles this weekend but there is a great deal to be said for this game being the pick of the bunch for sports fans in LA.

San Antonio Spurs LogoThe series has been tremendous with both teams grabbing two away wins and after six games, only 10 points separate the teams over the series! The San Antonio Spurs know that their legacy in the NBA history books is secure but as a team, they want to keep adding more glamour and glory, which is why they will be desperate to grab success in this one. For the Clippers, it is a different tale, they will be desperate to show that they are a team that should be taken seriously, and they have players who need to showcase their skills at the later stages of the NBA season. The Clippers know that knocking out the Champions is a fast track way to obtain recognition, and they will be doing everything that they can to achieve that on Saturday.

Glen Davis is a doubt for the Clippers, with the player struggling with a sprain ankle. If he is unavailable for this game, the Clippers will be looking to turn to players like Spencer Hawes and Hedo Turkoglu, two players who haven’t really figured that often or had much of an impact for the team this season. It is small matters like this that can make a huge difference when it comes to an NBA Playoff Series and if these players have to step up, there will be a need for them to be ready from the start. There is also the fact that if Davis is unavailable, the Clippers may find themselves playing a smaller line-up, which could boost the Spurs.

The Spurs are currently 58-30 for the season and this includes a 24-20 record on the road and in their last 10 games, the Spurs are 6-4. The Clippers are 59-29 for the season which includes a 31-13 record at home. The Clippers have a 7-3 record in their last 10 games but of course, those three defeats have come at the hands of the Spurs. If the Spurs level the season records, they progress and if the Clippers maintain a better season record at the end of this match, they will progress to the Conference Semi-Finals.

With respect to average points for, the Clippers have the edge by 106.4 to 103.1 and for average points against, the Spurs lead 97.3 to 100.3.

Taking the Los Angeles Clippers with a -2 handicap, and odds of 1.90, should provide you with a strong bet for this weekend. Bet Now!