The 2015 NBA Playoffs Are Underway

The NBA regular season is the starter but for many people, the real main course comes with the post-season. This is what the teams have been battling it out for, and no matter how good or alright you have been up to now, these are the games and moments that define how successful or not your season was.

There are four NBA Playoff games taking place on Saturday the 18th of April 2015.

Washington Wizards @ Toronto Raptors

Toronto Raptors LogoThe Raptors know that they have done very well up to this point but it is what they do in the playoff that will make or break the season. This sounds a bit harsh on a team that managed to win their second consecutive Atlantic Division and also set a new winning total for their franchise with 49 wins. In the first round last year, the Raptors lost in game 7 to the Nets so they know the pain of losing, and they need to channel that thought and memories into winning this series against the Wizards. The Raptors have only got beyond this stage once in their 20 year history and that came 14 years ago, when they defeated the Knicks. That was a five game series which means that the Raptors have never won a seven game series.

History may not be on the side of the Raptors but current form is, with three wins against the Wizards this season, and three wins from 4 last season. This bodes well for the Canadian team but it needs to be remembered that the majority of these games were close, being decided by five points or fewer. There were also two games that went into overtime. With home advantage, there is a chance for the Raptors to progress but it will be far from easy.

The Wizards are on a 46-36 record for the season so far, and this includes a 17-24 record on the road. Their last 10 game record stands at 6-4. For the Raptors, they have a 49-33 record, including a 27-14 record at home. For average points scored, the Raptors lead 104.0 to 98.5 while for average points against, the Wizards lead 97.8 to 100.9.

Bearing in mind that this game is likely to be a tight one, taking the Toronto Raptors at -4 at odds of 1.95 should be a sound bet. Bet Now!

New Orleans Pelicans @ Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors LogoThe Golden State Warriors wrapped up the number one second two weeks ago and they have been the leading team in the NBA standings for as long as anyone can care to recall for this campaign. That is tremendous and it indicates that the team is doing something right, but it is also something that can count for nothing very quickly. The Pelicans snuck into the playoffs right at the death and it may be that they can have a relaxed attitude to this game. This could work in their favour while the pressure that sits on the Warriors could get to them. If it goes to form, the Warriors will be fine, but such is the nature of playoff basketball, you never know if it is going to work out like that. Anthony Davis is another big factor that stands in the favour of the Pelicans and he is a player that is destined to bigger and better things.

The Pelicans stand at 45-37 for the season and they are currently sitting with a 17-24 record on the road. In their last 10 games, the Pelicans went 7-3 and this was instrumental in their push to the playoffs. They face a Warriors side who are 67-15, which includes a 39-2 record at home. With home court advantage, there is every reason for the Golden State Warriors to be confident. Their last 10 games carry an 8-2 record, so it is easy to see why they have confidence about their current form too.

For average points scored, the Warriors lead 11.0 to 99.4 and for average points against, the Pelicans lead 98.6 to 99.9.

Taking the Warriors at -12 and odds of 1.90 should help you to make the most of this Saturday clash. Bet Now!

Milwaukee Bucks @ Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls LogoThe Bulls had high hopes for the season with Pau Gasol coming in and Derrick Rose coming in. It hasn’t been straightforward, but there is a chance for the Bulls to live up to those expectations and the playoff with the Bucks provide a chance to find some form and push on to the end of the season. The Bulls should have all of their key players available, which has been something that has happened on rare occasions this season.

This will be a chance for Rose to play in the playoffs for the first since 2012, Gasol has been excellent at times and Jimmy Butler has shown that he has a lot of form that can be relied upon. All in all, this is a strong team and there will be big expectations placed on the Bulls. The Bucks have performed tremendously well without Jabari Parker who suffered a season ending injury, and the role of underdog could allow Milwaukee to play their natural game and achieve success in this series.

The Bucks are 41-41 this season, including an 18-23 record on the road, and their season symmetry is matched by their 5-5 record in their last 10 games. The Bulls are 50-32 for the season and this includes a 27-14 record at home. The Bulls are 7-3 in their last 10 games and will be feeling that they can make the most of home advantage. For average points, the Bulls lead 100.8 to 97.8 and for average points against, the Bucks lead 97.4 to 97.8.

Taking the Bulls at -7.5, at odds of 1.90, should be a decent bet for this game. Bet Now!

Dallas Mavericks @ Houston Rockets

Houston Rockets LogoThe Rockets grabbed their first divisional title in over 20 years and a lot of it is down to the form of James Harden. Harden is in the running for the MVP but he knows that it is the post-season that really counts in the NBA. The Rockets have stumbled in the opening round of the playoffs in the last two campaigns and while the 2013 loss to the Thunder was expected, there was a lot of annoyance and anger at the loss to Portland last season. The Mavericks earned the number 7 seed this year and while they are the outsiders, this is likely to be exactly how they like it.

The Mavericks are 50-32 for the season, and this includes a 23-18 record on the road, and the Dallas side holds a 5-5 record in their last 10 games. The Rockets are 56-26 with a 30-11 home record. In their last ten games, the Rockets are 7-3. For average points scored, the Mavericks lead 105.2 to 103.9 and for average points against, the Rockets lead 100.5 to 102.3.

Taking the Houston Rockets with a -5 handicap, at odds of 1.90, should give you some fun on Saturday. Bet Now!