NBA Saturday Action

NBA Betting TipsThe Detroit Pistons edged out the Bucks in a close game by 98-95 while the Utah Jazz slumped to a big defeat at home to the Dallas Mavericks, the game finishing 82-105. The Nuggets went down to the Cavs, with Cleveland bagging a 101-110 win on the road while the Grizzlies also won on the road, defeating the Thunder by a score of 89-91. There was a close one in Phoenix as the home side slipped to a 112-114 defeat to the Kings.

Golden State Warriors @ Houston Rockets

This is a game between two teams with a perfect record this season, the Warriors holding a 4-0 record while the Rockets can boast of a 6-0 record. Something has to give in this match but it wouldn’t be a shock to find this match going down to the wire.

Golden State Warriors LogoThe Rockets success has been built on a strong defence and they are keen to grab a big win on Saturday as they would become the first team in NBA history to win 7 games in a row by 10 points if they do. In likelihood, it will be a tighter affair and while the Rockets can win to go 7-0, winning by at least 10 may be a tall order. However, in equalling the record set by Denver way back in 1985/86, the Rockets can be proud of what they have achieved so far. Mind you, the Warriors have clinched some big wins as well this campaign, winning three of their four games by at least 17 points. This includes a massive 121-104 win over the Clippers. Given that the Clippers were the team that knocked the Warriors out of last season’s playoff, that was a result that was certainly enjoyed by the Warriors, even if they would have preferred a better outcome earlier in the year.

Dwight Howard has been in scintillating form this season and James Harden has also looked in sharp form for the Rockets, a team that has excited NBA fans this season. The home team has injury doubts over Terrence Jones and Patrick Beverley, but they should have enough about them to just about seal a narrow win.

However, the odds of the Warriors at 1.90 for a +1.5 position are too tempting to overlook, so this is the best you should be looking at on Saturday. Bet Now!

New Orleans Pelicans @ San Antonio Spurs

Both teams have a 2-2 record but the mood in the two camps is notably different. As you would expect, the reigning champions are not too thrilled at having lost two games already in their campaign and they will be keen to take their frustration out on the Pelicans. The Pelicans haven’t exactly had the best start to the 2014/15 season either, but they are at least a little happier with their lot.

San Antonio Spurs LogoThe Spurs slipped to defeat in Houston on Thursday but they were without Manu Ginobili and Tim Duncan. They did have Tony Parker and Kawhi Leonard in their ranks but with just 6 and 7 points respectively, this wasn’t a great showing from these two big players. Cory Joseph was the big player for the Spurs with 18 points but overall, there wasn’t enough firepower from the champs to claim the win.

Anthony Davis had a starring role during the week with 24 points against the Hornets, a performance that had the crowd chanting “MVP” at the player. It is clearly far too early in the campaign for that sort of talk but it will be a boost for the player who will be keen to show his skills against the champions.

With Ginobili and Duncan expected to return, it is likely that San Antonio will grab the win that puts them at 3-2 for the season but the odds of 1.90 for the Pelicans at +7.0 look quite attractive. Bet Now!

Washington Wizards @ Indianapolis Pacers

With the Pacers holding a 1-5 record for the season so far, there is not a lot of optimism and happiness in Indiana with respect to basketball at the moment. Of course, it doesn’t take a lot to turn those frowns upside down though, and there will be hope that the Pelicans will be able to conjure up a win over the Wizards on Saturday. The Wizards are 4-2 in their six games this season, so they have shown better form but this will represent another game on the road where they will need to show their mettle.

Washington Wizards LogoThe Wizards have an awful record in Indianapolis, they have lost 12 regular season games in a row but this game provides them with a chance to hand a sixth straight loss to the Pacers. Yes, the Pacers won their first game of the 2014/15 NBA season and haven’t tasted success since. The team from Washington lost out on Friday night against Toronto but they’ll be looking to bounce back.

The Pacers are suffering an injury crisis with only 10 players being available for Friday’s loss to Boston, with only 9 of these players being used. Their cause wasn’t helped by CJ Miles being unable to play because of migraines. One bright light was offered by Roy Hibbert, who served up 22 points and 11 rebounds in the game.

Taking the Wizards at -3.5 at odds of 1.90 is likely to be a sensible bet as the Pacers horrible run looks set to continue. Bet Now!