Sunday NBA Action Will Fill Your Day

NBA Betting Tips 25 January 2015The NBA weekend may be rounding off today but it has already given us two fantastic days. Friday night featured some excellent NBA action and as you would expect, there was more than entertainment on Saturday to keep us all amused.

On Friday night, the Raptors had a great away day win Philadelphia, winning by 86-91 and the Hawks had not trouble downing the Thunder in Atlanta, winning by a score of 103-93. The Knicks pulled off a bit of a shock by defeating the Magic in New York by a score of 113-106 and the Bulls were road winners, beating the Mavericks by a score of 98-102. The Celtics won an unbelievably close one in Denver, defeating the Nuggets by a score of 99-100 but it was a lot easier for the Golden State Warriors who defeated the Kings by a score of 126-101 at home.

The Cavaliers also had a comfortable home win on Friday, defeating the Hornets by a score of 129-90. There was a home win for the Heat, but it was far from comfortable, downing the Pacers by a score of 89-87. The Pelicans were away day winners in Minnesota, defeating the Timberwolves by a score of 84-92 but the Spurs were comfortable at home, defeating the Lakers by a score of 99-85. The Rockets were winners in Phoenix, defeating the Suns by a score of 111-113.

So that was Friday night, and while there were some tremendous games and scores on that evening, there was plenty more in store for Saturday as well.

The Knicks couldn’t continue their Friday form into Saturday, losing 76-71 in Charlotte against the Hornets. One team that did continue their Friday form into Saturday was the 76ers, sadly losing again, this time 101-83 in Memphis. The Wizards were snuffed out by the Trail Blazers, the Portland team winning 103-96 at home. The Pistons were unable to grab an away day win Milwaukee, losing 101-86 to the Bucks. The Jazz comprehensively dealt with the Nets in Utah, winning by a score of 108-73.

Oklahoma City Thunder @ Cleveland Cavaliers

Given that the Cavaliers look as though they are finally getting a run together, you may think that this is the time when their season falls apart again! They welcome the Thunder who hold a 22-21 record this season, and a team with a 10-14 record away from home. The Cavs have a 24-20 record so far this campaign and this includes a 14-9 record in Cleveland.

Cleveland Cavaliers LogoThe Cavs have a 5-5 record in their last 10 games but they are currently on a run of five wins, coming on the back of a string of defeats, so they know about putting runs together. The Thunder lost in their last match and hold a 6-4 record in this game.

With respect to average points scored, the Cavaliers have a slight edge, 101.6 to 100.0. However, when it comes to average points allowed, the Thunder hold a slight edge, 98.7 to 100.1. This could be a close call in Cleveland even the form of LeBron, back after injury, and the home team should see them through.

The Thunder have no new injury worries or concerns for this game but the Cavs are likely to be without Iman Shumpert and are keeping a close eye on star players like Kyrie Irving and LeBron James.

You have to think that the Cavs will have more than enough about them to steal this one, and taking them with a handicap of -3.5 at odds of 1.90 is likely to be a safe bet. Bet Now!

Indiana Pacers @ Orlando Magic

Both teams are having a torrid time at the moment, both over the course of the season and in recent form. The Pacers head to Orlando with a 15-30 record, and an away record that stands at 8-11. The form of the Magic isn’t any better, holding a 15-31 record, and a home record that stands at 5-14. With both teams on a losing streak, the Pacers having lost 4 in a row and the Magic having lost 7, at least one team will break that stretch in this game. In their last 10 games, both teams have a 2-8 record, which neatly sums them both up at this moment in time.

Orlando Magic LogoWith respect to average points scored, the Magic have the edge, 95.7 compared to 94.7, but the Pacers are doing better with respect to average points allowed, 97.1 compared to 101.6.

The Magic come into this game after an embarrassing slump in New York on Friday night, losing 113-106 to the Knicks while the Pacers narrowly lost to the Heat on Friday night, going down 89-87 in Miami.

The Pacers are looking at being without George Hill while CJ Miles is being closely monitored and the Magic are looking at being without Tobias Harris while Elfrid Payton is being looked at on a day to day basis. This is a match that could go either way and if there was a way for either team to lose it, you suspect they would manage to do so.

However, taking the Magic at a +2.5 handicap, at odds of 1.90, could provide you with some fun on Sunday. Bet Now!

Los Angeles Clippers @ Phoenix Suns

Los Angeles Clippers LogoThe Clippers and the Suns will both reasons to be confident coming into this game. The Clippers have a 29-14 record, including a 10-7 record away from home, while the Suns hold a 26-19 record, including a 13-8 record at home. While the Suns lost their last game, and the Clippers are on a winning run of 3, both teams hold a 7-3 record in their last 10 games.

The Suns lost out in a cruel manner on Friday night, going down 111-113 at home to the Rockets with James Harden scoring a jump shot right at the buzzer. On Thursday night, the Clippers thumped the Nets with Blake Griffin grabbing 24 points, and Chris Paul grabbing 17 assists in the 123-84 win.

With respect to average points scored, it is a close run thing, the Suns edging it by 107.5 to 107.1. However, the Clippers have a big advantage with respect to average points allowed, 100.1 to 105.0.

Neither team has any injury concerns coming into this one, and taking the Clippers at -2.5, with odds of 1.90, is likely to be a great way to round off your week of NBA basketball betting. Bet Now!