Wednesday NBA Action Lifts The Midweek Gloom

NBA Betting TipsThere is no doubt that Los Angeles Lakers will be feeling a lot better about life after their 109-114 win away to the Atlanta Hawks. Given the terrible run the Lakers have been on, this triumph was a bit of a shock, and it may be a springboard for the Lakers to move on (finally) in this campaign.

The Jazz had a solid 98-81 home win against the Thunder and the Bucks also won at home, besting the New York Knicks by a score of 117-113. The other game on Tuesday saw the Pelicans grab a win on the road, defeating the Scaramento Kings by a score of 100-106.

Tuesday may have been a quiet affair with respect to NBA action, but there is a great card of fixtures available on Wednesday, with plenty of basketball betting opportunities on offer.

Boston Celtics @Philadelphia 76ers

Boston Celtics LogoThe 3-6 record of the Celtics is a poor one but with the 76ers currently holding a 0-10 record, the Celtics must have a bit of confidence of picking up a win on the road in this game. The Celtics have defended poorly on many occasions this season and after losing 118-114 to the Suns on Monday, the Celtics have been offering up 116.3 points per game. They have been scoring, Jeff Green grabbed 28 points on Monday while Tyler Zeller, a reserve centre, offered up 19 points and 7 rebounds, but there needs to be more unity from the Celtics.

There is also the fact that the 76ers may not be as much of a pushover as they think. Yes, they are on a terrible run, but all runs have to end at some point and the 76ers have been close in their previous two home games. They suffered a very narrow defeat at the hands of Houston on Friday of last week, although this was followed up by a mauling at the hands of the Spurs on Monday.

There will be a time when the 76ers grab some wins but it is unlikely that Wednesday night will be the night. Taking the Celtics at -6 for odds of 1.90 looks to be a safe and sensible bet. Bet Now!

Dallas Mavericks @ Washington Wizards

With the Mavericks holding an 8-3 record while the Wizards have a 7-2 record, this is a game between two teams that have started very well this season. Of course, it is not as though the two teams have necessarily had similar fixtures and a look at the games indicates that the Wizards haven’t really defeated any top teams or caused too many upsets. A win against the Mavericks would be a major scalp though and this match looks set to be an exciting one.

Dallas Mavericks LogoThe Wizards welcome Cleveland on Friday night but the fact that they are facing a team that has been averaging close to 110 points a game means that they need to ensure they treat the Dallas side with respect. The Mavericks grabbed a big 80-107 win in Charlotte on Monday with Dirk Nowitzki helping himself to 13 points in just 25 minutes.

The Wizards have been without Bradley Beal of late, although he did return to practice on Monday but with a 4-0 home record, he hasn’t been overly missed in Washington.

This is really going to be a close one and this makes the odds of o]1.90[/o] on the Dallas Mavericks at -2 really appealing. Both teams have the calibre to win this match and that is the sort of bet that comes off more often than not. Bet Now!

San Antonio Spurs @ Cleveland Cavaliers

The Spurs are standing at 6-5 and the Cavs are at 5-4 but this isn’t a game that is being judged on records, this is a game being considered with respect to history and with respect to being played between the two teams tipped as favourites to take the NBA crown this season.

Of course, when we say history, it’s not necessarily the history of the Spurs and the Cavs, it is the history of the Spurs and LeBron James. James has faced the Spurs three time in NBA Finals, and the Spurs are team with the upper hand. This will be the first time that James faces up to the Spurs since they dismantled the Heat in the summer, winning by a comfortable and considerable margin.

San Antonio Spurs LogoThe Heat loss probably played a part in James moving on in the summer so the Cavs fans may be slightly thankful for the work carried out by the Spurs in the summer. The Cavs are still very much a work in progress but there is a growing chemistry that is showing potential, even if it is spluttering along the way. After all, it was only on Monday night that the Nuggets came to Cleveland and earned a comfortable win.

The fact that James is averaging 39.1 minutes per game, which is currently the third in the league, indicates that the Cavs are relying on him. When you take on board that Kyrie Irving, with 38.4 and Kevin Love, with 37 minutes, are fourth and fifth respect to game time indicates that the Cavs are pushing their big players. This may be part of the plan to build a team spirit and style, but it may also lead to burnout of their star names. Not that the Spurs game is a game to rest players in.

The Spurs are coming into this game with no significant injury worries and 4 wins out of 5 games, including a 100-75 win against Philadelphia in their last match. Shawn Marion is a potential doubt for the Cavs, as he is being monitored for a foot injury but apart from that, James is the only player with a slight injury concern, but you can be confident he will play.

This is a game that basketball fans around the country and around the world will want to watch and with odds of 1.90 for the Spurs at +2.5, they are a good bet. LeBron will obviously want to take some revenge on the Spurs for the NBA Finals but with the Spurs having a strong team spirit, they may be the team that takes care of business. Bet Now!