Tuesday NBA Action Heats Up

NBA Betting Tips 13 January 2015If you are looking for great NBA action this action, things are going to get a lot more exciting from this point forward. Monday night was a gentle introduction to the week but this is the point when things start to move for dedicated basketball fans.

On Monday, the Celtics grabbed a much needed win in Boston, defeating the Pelicans by a score of 108-100 while the Pistons showed some real steel and resolve by winning in Toronto. The Pistons have clearly experienced a massive upturn in their fortunes of late but this win, a 111-114 win against the Raptors is a massive victory.

The Rockets were also away winners, although this wasn’t quite a massive surprise. The Nets are not having a great time of things of late and the 99-113 win for the side from Houston wasn’t a massive surprise. The Bulls slipped to another defeat at home, with the Magic taking care of Chicago by a score of 114-121.

There are a number of games to look out for on Tuesday so if you are looking for some great basketball betting action, you will find plenty on offer.

San Antonio Spurs @ Washington Wizards

The Spurs hold a 23-15 record which contains a 10-9 record away from San Antonio. It’s not been a procession for the reigning NBA champions, but they certainly know that they have got gears they can step up to in what remains of the campaign. The Wizards have a 25-12 record and their record in Washington stands at 16-4, so they will be pretty confident about going into this match in Washington.

San Antonio Spurs LogoThe Wizards did lose in their last game though while the Spurs have two wins in a row behind them. The Spurs have a 4-1 record in their last 5 while the Wizards have a 3-2 record going into this game.

They may have been without Manu Ginobili and Marco Bellini on Saturday but it didn’t stop the Spurs comfortably dealing with Minnesota by a score of 93-108. The Wizards had a tough shift on Sunday night, losing out 120-89 in Atlanta with John Wall grabbing 15 points for the losing team.

There are no injury concerns for either team going into this game and it’s going to be a tight one in Washington.

The Spurs have shown some great strength of late and taking them with a +1.5 handicap, at odds of 1.90, is likely to be a great bet for a Tuesday night. The Spurs will be looking for their 18th win in a row against the Wizards, and it is easy to see why you would back them on this run. Bet Now!

Golden State Warriors @ Utah Jazz

The Warriors have a 29-5 record as they head to Utah and their away record stands at 13-4. This will be enough to give the Jazz a few concerns and their 13-25 record, which includes a 6-11 record at home, doesn’t really stand up well in comparison. The thing is though, there have been plenty of surprises and shocks this season in the NBA and there will be a good deal of hope and optimism in the Jazz camp before this game.

Golden State Warriors LogoThe Warriors have six wins in a row behind them while the Jazz have lost their last two games. This leaves the team from Utah with a 2-3 record in their last five games.

The Warriors recently dealt with the Cavaliers quite convincingly, the 112-94 Friday night victory setting everyone in the home stands up for a great weekend. Klay Thompson had an excellent evening grabbing 24 points but it was Stephen Curry who many people praised, with the player grabbing 23 points and 10 assists. The Jazz have been improving their defensive performances of late but a 97-82 loss in Houston on Saturday has taken away a lot of their momentum.

The Warriors have major doubts over the availability of Festus Ezeli while the Jazz don’t have anything to worry about with respect to players fitness.

You expect the Warriors to win this one, so that makes the margin of victory the important factor and even the -7.5 handicap, at odds of 1.90, for the Golden State side look attractive. Bet Now!

Dallas Mavericks @ Sacramento Kings

The Mavericks can boast of a 26-12 and a 13-6 record away from Dallas, which is a clear indicator that things are running quite smoothly for the Mavericks so far this campaign. The Kings enter this game with a 16-21 record, which includes a 10-11 record in Sacramento.

Dallas Mavericks LogoHowever, the Mavericks have lost their last two games and it is the Kings who are coming into this game on the back of a win. The Mavericks hold a 3-2 record in their last five games which the Kings also hold.

The Mavericks were actually on a 6 game winning streak before they were shot down by the Pistons 95-108 last Wednesday and then they struck out in Los Angeles, losing 120-100 to the Clippers on Saturday. The Kings are just one of the latest teams to have made their way beyond the Cavaliers without too much trouble. The 103-84 win in Sacramento on Sunday was boosted by a massive performance from DeMarcus Cousins who offered 26 points, 13 rebounds, 5 assists, 4 steals and 3 blocks. When it comes to a player offering everything, this was a perfect example.

The Mavericks are in pretty good shape with respect to fitness but the Kings are missing a few players. Omri Casspi and Ramon Sessions are likely to be out of this match. This game sees both teams making an argument for winning it but with the Mavericks having lost two in a row; they will be determined to be a winner in this game.

With a handicap of -4.5 and odds of 1.86, the Mavericks look to be a good bet to bring some cheer to your Tuesday night. Bet Now!