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Decide upon three things at the start: the rules, the stakes and when to quit.

FanDuel Review

FanDuel claims to be the leader in one day fantasy sports, which is clearly quite a claim as this is a sector that is getting a lot of attention at the moment. It would be fair to say that DraftKings had the jump on FanDuel, particularly with respect to advertising and promotion, but for many players in the US and in Canada, FanDuel is the option for them. There are some states in the US that prohibit the game, which is more down to the way that prizes are paid as opposed to the game itself, and there are chances to win prizes on a daily or weekly basis.

The big plus point about these leagues for many people is the fact that there is no need to commit to a season. You can play by day or by week, and you can still find yourself in line for a big prize. FanDuel is aiming to pay out over $2 billion this year and the site claims to have over 20,000 leagues on offer every single day. There are six different leagues to choose from with FanDuel and this includes the NBA and College Basketball. There isn’t quite the same focus on sporting events around the world or on aspects like Poker which can be found with DraftKings but if you are looking for a site that offer fantasy sports options for the main US sports, this has everything you could need.

As you would expect, the FanDuel site is easy to use, it is pretty clear and you should be able to navigate yourself around the site with a minimum of fuss. No matter what level of experience you have with respect to gaming or gambling sites, FanDuel should be easy to use but if you are comfortable with gaming or sports betting sites, you will be ready to get to grips with the site and the playing options from the very start.

The site looks good, it is clear to use and no matter what device you access the site from; you should find that it is pretty responsive. If you have used websites for sporting news or you use bookmaker sites, you will find that FanDuel is a very comfortable site to use. The site is responsive which means that you will be able to easily play from desktop, smartphone or tablet, which is handy when you need to make late changes to your team or line-up. There are also FanDuel apps for iOS and Android users.

There’s a five step process to success on FanDuel:

  1. Sign up for free with the site
  2. Choose a contest or event that you want to take part in
  3. Pick your team while staying under the salary cap
  4. Play and win
  5. Collect your winnings or commiserate and then choose your next contest

Events and contests

FanDuel provides a range of options for playing games and winning prizes, which should provide the majority of fantasy sports fans with the ability to enjoy themselves on a regular basis on site.

  • Leagues –With the ability to join open leagues or create leagues with your friends, there will never be an excuse for not finding the right league for your needs.
  • Head To Head games – Winner takes all games offer great excitement
  • 50/50 games – With the top half of players in the tournament taking home a prize, this is the sort of event that can build your confidence and give you a better return while you hone your skills
  • Tournaments – FanDuel also creates tournaments for players to match their wits against each other, creating a bit more excitement over a longer period of time than just one day or week.
  • Freeroll events – If you pick up enough FanDuel Points (FDP) in a month, you will gain access to freeroll events
  • Multipliers – If you are looking to earn up to 5 times your entry, these games provide the chance to keep on rolling, which is ideal if you are due a lucky streak
  • Satellites & Qualifiers – These events provide players with a chance to win their way into the dearer or more challenging tournaments at a more affordable price. These events are regularly on offer so keep an eye out on the schedule to see what is next available

It is possible to search for games depending on their start time and you can also find games by looking on minimum/maximum entry fee or prizes. Entry for many games and leagues starts at $1 but there are some events where the entry fee is pitched at $1,000.

FanDuel Promotions

There is a chance to earn a 100% matched deposit welcome bonus on your first deposit on site, up to the value of $200. Your deposit bonus will be released in the form of real cash at a 4% rate for the contest entry fee. As an example, if you take part in a contest that has a $25 entry fee, you will receive $1 as a deposit bonus into your main account. The site offers weekly freerolls, weekly big tournaments (along the lines of poker sites providing plenty of Sunday night tournaments) and there are numerous seasonal games to enjoy.

Again, at the end of September, there isn’t anything lined up for NBA fans but NFL fans have the chance to win a car and to book a seat at a major championship in Las Vegas, and you would expect these style of events and promotions to be made available for basketball fans when the season starts back.

Tips and guidance

If you are looking for some guidance when it comes to drafting your team and getting the lowdown on your favourite sport, you will find that FanDuel Insider is the place to be. At the time of checking, the end of September, the NBA has yet to enter pre-season mode but the information provided for the NFL looks as though it will help even the most novice of fantasy sports players. This bodes well for the level of insight and assistance it can provide for NBA events but of course, it is impossible to say for certain at this moment in time.

With video clips, including classic NBA footage and lookbacks on some great NBA players, the FanDuel Insider page will likely have a lot to offer for even casual fans who want to brush up on their knowledge of the game.

There is a New User guide on site aimed at people delving into fantasy sports for the first time and there are also help options for players deemed to be at Rookie, Starter and Legend level so no matter what sort of confidence or experience you have going into fantasy sports, FanDuel aims to provide you with help.

There is also a FanDuel podcast to listen out for which will provide you with further insight and awareness into what is happening with the big teams and players.


When it comes to depositing funds into your FanDuel account you will be able to do so via VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards and with a PayPal account. The minimum deposit you can make with FanDuel is $10.

For withdrawals, most players opt for the PayPal option as this can see your money being in your account within 24 hours.

UK players

An interesting thing about FanDuel is that it actually formed in Edinburgh in Scotland in the UK back in 2009. The company says that they are a US firm with offices in new York but their Edinburgh roots and the fact that they still employ a lot of people in Edinburgh and Glasgow indicates that there is a UK element to the firm. At the moment, the site is only open to US and Canadian players, and there is no indication that this will change in the near future, but the fact that the company has a strong Scottish and UK connection means that it is ideally placed to open up to the UK and European market if it so desires.

FanDuel has an awful lot going for it and if you love fantasy sports, you will find that this is the site that has everything you could want or need. Whether you are playing for fun or you want to play for some massive prizes, this is the fantasy sports site that delivers. By the time the NBA and College Basketball seasons roll around, FanDuel should have everything you could need to enjoy daily fantasy sports options.


  • Basketball is well covered
  • Daily and weekly games and contests
  • There are big prizes on offer
  • Easy to deposit


  • Some events are costly to enter
  • Not too many withdrawal options

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