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Prop Betting Guide

Prop BettingIf you are looking for additional bets to make on your favourite sport, you will find that prop bets are well worth checking out. This is a bet that is placed on a particular outcome or proposition (hence the name). There are many different types of bets available and there are prop bets to suit people who study statistics of the game and for people who love the quirky side elements that occur in and around games. If you love basketball betting, there will be plenty of prop bets for you to look out for.

There are many names for a prop bet, including:

  • Proposition bet
  • Side bet
  • Exotic bet

There are plenty of reasons why prop bets are becoming so popular and it is fair to say that they are enjoyed by punters and sportsbooks alike. These bets are an excellent way for inexperienced gamblers to have some fun and get involved with a major event. They also represent an ideal opportunity for experienced gamblers with a strong knowledge of the game and players to make money. There is a wide range of prop bets to choose from and not all of them are lined correctly, which provides the astute gambler a chance to bet big and make easy money.

It can sometimes be difficult to price prop bets correctly but there is also the fact that many sports betting sites understand that these bets entice people to place bets. Sometimes a bookmaker site will offer prop bets at an attractive price to make money elsewhere. If you know or learn which prop bets are attractive, you can find a way to make some real money from them.

When it comes to basketball betting, there are a number of things you have to remember to make sure you find great value and make the best decisions in the hope of landing some money.

Don’t dwell on the names

The people that make the odds know that the big name players grab the attention and these are the players that stand out for people looking to place bets. You need to bear in mind that it is not always the big name player that has the most influence in the game. Yes, the star players regularly turn it on, but they are also more heavily marked and they will often be pushed to extremes on many occasions. Over the course of the season, there can be better value in focusing on the players that aren’t the marquee names.

Current form is a good guide

Yes, every game is different but when it comes to reasoning out your bet, current form is a far better indicator than historical data for a player or team. Basketball games come thick and fast and the current form of a player should be your guideline if you plan to study and then place prop bets.

Is the player fit and healthy?

Current form is important but so is the condition of a player. If a player is nursing an injury or limped out of the last game, can you rely on them to make the plays that matter in their next game? Staying up to date with a player’s fitness is a crucial factor in being a success when it comes to basketball side bets.

Think about the matchup

While you may place a prop bet on one particular player and an aspect of their game, you need to think about who they are up against. A good offensive player up against a brilliant defence may struggle to get the points you would imagine but an average offensive player may light up the scoreboard when they play against a terrible defence. Think about the individual and team match-ups before placing your proposition bet.

Is there motivation?

With so many games in a NBA season, will your player or team be up for it in a particular match? This is even found in the end-of-season games where coaches will bench particular players to save them for a forthcoming match. Basketball games are often won by the hungrier or more motivated team, not necessarily the best basketball side, and you should consider a player and team’s motivation before placing a prop bet.

How are other people betting?

Don’t forget that sportsbooks use many factors to price prop bets and the bets being made by other people are likely to have an impact. Think about the general public and how they are likely to bet. If you don’t agree with them, there may be scope for value in the odds for basketball prop bets.

Proposition bets have the ability to split opinion. Some basketball fans and serious betting fans love them and the diversity on offer. Other people dislike the wealth of options and sometimes erratic pricing. However, prop bets are an essential part of a modern day sports betting site and if you are serious about making money from basketball betting, this is a vital part of your arsenal.


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