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Decide upon three things at the start: the rules, the stakes and when to quit.

An example of how 5Dimes stands apart from its rivals can be seen in the fact that phone betting is still a major part of the service it offers. Yes, the online sports betting options are available and the main focus of the site but it can be good to know that there is a Plan B in place for people who may need to bet in a different manner.

Anyone that feels modern sports betting sites are too busy and too complicated will find a lot to like and enjoy about the 5Dimes betting site. This is a site that looks and feels like the previous generation of internet sites but it is still a fast-moving site that is easy to navigate around. In this regard, it provides the best of both worlds, which means that players should be able to get to the best they want, when they want them.

5Dimes’s Choice of Betting Options

While 5Dimes is a site that has a better focus on US sports than most other betting sites, it still has a lot of sports and bets from around the world. Yes, football, basketball and hockey are the lead sports on offer at 5Dimes but you will find soccer bets from around the world, tennis bets, fighting bets, and sports like darts, horse racing, rugby and many more. If you were concerned that 5Dimes was only focused on US sports you can relax because there is a lot more on offer.

However, one of the strengths of the 5Dimes site is the fact that it does provide a great level of focus and attention to US sports and basketball is well covered. The NBA and the NCAA are at the forefront of what is on offer here and this includes a wide range of Props and Futures bets. However, 5Dimes knows that basketball is hugely popular around the world and you can bet on domestic leagues from many countries and you can even bet on the major European tournaments like the Euroleague.

If you are a major basketball fan and you don’t care where the sport is played, you will find that 5Dimes is the ideal platform for you to enjoy affordable and effective sports betting.

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The 5Dimes Bonus

New players to the site are provided with a 50% matched welcome bonus that provides players with the chance to earn up to $520 in bonuses. This means that players of all betting levels and budgets will be able to get a reasonable return on their initial deposit and it is good to see the site going out of its way to encourage new players to sign up.

There are also new player bonuses on offer for the casino and Lucky 7 Lottery options available on the site. New players to the sportsbook also benefit from Reduced Juice Rewards on a range of leading sports and events, including NBA and NCAA events.

Setting up a 5Dimes Account

If you are looking to set up a 5Dimes account on the right-hand side of the screen there is a blue button which says “REGISTER NOW!” and once you click that, all it takes is a few details to have your account set up.

It is also possible to phone an operator who will talk you through the process of setting up an account if that would be easier for you. A lot of people are still not overly confident about using the internet so this option should help people to feel happier about setting up their online betting account.

Funding Your 5Dimes Account

5Dimes BankingAs you would expect from a US-focused sportsbook, the deposit methods available on 5Dimes is slightly different from the standard sites that European sports betting fans are more used to. You can use a credit card, make a person to person transfer, use a cashier check, use a money order and you can even use Bitcoin.

The site accepts deposits from:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Bitcoin
  • Person to Person

Not all of these options are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so it is best to review the individual options and determine what one is best for your needs at a particular time. It is not possible to withdraw funds from the 5Dimes site via credit card but all of the other deposit methods can be used to withdraw funds or winnings from the site.

5Dimes is most suitable for:

  • People looking for a US-focused sports betting site
  • People looking for the option of betting via their phone
  • People looking for a good range of sports betting options
  • People looking for a Bitcoin deposit and withdrawal method

5Dimes is far from your standard sportsbook and it is fair to say that it is not going to be suitable for everyone. However, there will be some people, people that love US-based sports, who will love what the site has to offer. This is a very simple to use site that is more focused on betting options than creating a massive online experience for a user, and this is exactly what many people want.


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