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When sports fans talk about teams or athletes with a true pedigree, domestic dominance and triumphs will always count for a lot. After all, this is where a team or athlete will perform the most and it is where the class or style will first come to prominence. However, when it comes to judging the true greats, there is a need to look beyond your local borders. The true greats are judged against the best of their continent or the best in the world. Bringing people from different countries and continents is a big part of sport and it is definitely a major part of sports betting.

There are plenty of big names in the UK betting industry but sometimes you want to look out for the big names in the European market. When it comes to finding the sports betting site that Europe uses, it is hard to argue against the Bwin sportsbook. The Bwin sportsbook first came to prominence in 1999 and although there have been some changes in the intervening years; it has remained at the very top of European sports betting since then.

The Bwin sportsbook is regulated in Gibraltar and it is a famous name known all over the world. A lot of this is down to the intelligent sports sponsorship packages it has signed in recent years. With clubs like Real Madrid and AC Milan bearing the Bwin name on their kit, it is easy to see why this firm has developed fans all over the world. As you would expect from a betting site, football and horse racing are extremely prominent on the Bwin site but Bwin offers a lot more betting opportunities than the usual suspects.

Bwin´s Choice of Betting Options

Bwin is hugely proud to offer bets in more than 90 sports and the site claims to offer more than 30,000 bets every day. The site is also available in 22 different languages. When it comes to finding variety, this is a sports site that will not let you down.

Bwin Basketball FuturesGiven our love of basketball, it is natural that we have an interest in how many basketball offerings are available on site. Perusing the main page, you will be glad to see that basketball is listed as one of the main sports but you may not be prepared for the wide range of basketball betting opportunities that are available. The start of November is always a good time for basketball because all of the leagues around the world are back in full-swing but Bwin goes out of its way to ensure that you have the widest selection of basketball betting opportunities you could ever hope to find.

The NBA betting opportunities were at the top of the basketball page with 13 games for the next three days listed. Underneath the NBA offerings were European selections including the Austrian league, the Slovakian league, the Turkish league, the Italian league, the Israeli league, the Polish league, the French league and the Bulgarian league. This is a fantastic selection of European betting opportunities and the site also provided European Cup betting opportunities. The front page of the Bwin site also provides you with their selection of top basketball bets of the day.

Underneath the match betting opportunities, Bwin then offered a comprehensive range of money line basketball bets for American and European leagues. The range of basketball bets on site is astounding and you may find that you have a bit too much choice. If you are looking to place a quick bet before a game begins, you will do well not to be distracted. With spreads, multi-bets, totals and quarter totals on offer as well as the main basketball bets, there is more than enough to keep players entertained and occupied.

Basketball also features on the live betting section of the site so if there is a game underway, you can stay involved with all the greatest offers. The live betting section also features live streaming and Bwin has a deal with a number of European domestic leagues, which means that you can watch live basketball action on your laptop or internet enabled device. At the time of checking, the Italian league, Baltic Basketball League and Lithuanian league was being covered by the site.

The basketball page also provides players with the opportunity to obtain the results and the statistics from all of the top teams and leagues.

Bwin Basketball Odds
Tip-offHome Team Away TeamBookHome OddsAway OddsHome WinAway WinUnderOver
This basketball odds comparison table refreshes every two minutes.
24/05 02:30Milwaukee BucksMILvsToronto RaptorsTOR1.66

Historic Odds

  • 21/05 11:22 1.65
  • 21/05 10:07 1.67
  • 21/05 07:03 1.65
  • 21/05 06:58 1.76
  • 21/05 06:37 1.65
  • 21/05 03:34 1.74

Historic Odds

  • 21/05 11:22 2.30
  • 21/05 10:07 2.25
  • 21/05 07:03 2.30
  • 21/05 06:58 2.12
  • 21/05 06:37 2.28
  • 21/05 03:34 2.14
-2.5 1.90
-2.5 1.89

Historic Odds

  • 21/05 11:22 1.89
  • 21/05 10:33 1.92
  • 21/05 07:03 1.89
  • 21/05 06:37 1.90
  • 21/05 03:34 1.94
+2.5 1.92
+2.5 1.93

Historic Odds

  • 21/05 11:22 1.93
  • 21/05 10:33 1.90
  • 21/05 07:03 1.93
  • 21/05 06:37 1.92
  • 21/05 03:34 1.88
U216.0 1.94O216.0 1.88
 1.343.30-6.5 1.87
-6.5 2.00

Historic Odds

  • 22/05 18:39 2.00
  • 22/05 17:07 1.87
  • 22/05 16:29 1.83
  • 22/05 15:47 2.24
  • 22/05 13:14 1.83
  • 22/05 12:35 2.22
  • 22/05 06:03 1.83
+6.5 1.95
+6.5 1.83

Historic Odds

  • 22/05 18:39 1.83
  • 22/05 17:07 1.95
  • 22/05 16:29 2.00
  • 22/05 15:47 1.72
  • 22/05 13:14 2.00
  • 22/05 12:35 1.74
  • 22/05 06:03 2.00
U218.5 1.80
U218.5 1.87

Historic Odds

  • 22/05 06:03 1.87
O218.5 2.05
O218.5 1.95

Historic Odds

  • 22/05 06:03 1.95

Historic Odds

  • 22/05 05:26 1.35

Historic Odds

  • 22/05 14:28 3.55
  • 22/05 05:26 3.45
-7.0 1.98
-7.0 1.91

Historic Odds

  • 22/05 16:29 1.91
  • 22/05 15:47 2.24
  • 22/05 13:14 1.91
  • 22/05 12:35 2.22
  • 22/05 05:04 1.91
+7.0 1.85
+7.0 1.91

Historic Odds

  • 22/05 16:29 1.91
  • 22/05 15:47 1.72
  • 22/05 13:14 1.91
  • 22/05 12:35 1.74
  • 22/05 05:04 1.91
U219.0 1.91O219.0 1.91
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The Bwin Bonus

Bwin BonusSadly, Bwin is not a site where you consistently get promotions of signing up offers. This is not to say that these are not available, it is just that they are not always presented to players. It is worthwhile keeping an eye out for forthcoming promotions. The site will occasionally offer specialist bets or promotions related to certain betting types. Given that many sites utilise promotions to grab market awareness or entice players, it is easy to see that Bwin can offer people more than enough to keep them coming back on a regular basis.

Setting Up a Bwin Account

When you arrive at the Bwin page, there is a bright yellow Register Now button at the top of the screen slightly to the right hand side. If you are new to the site, clicking this will take you to the sign-up process. As you would expect, the sign-up process at Bwin is simple and straightforward, and you can be placing bets in no time.

Funding your Bwin Account

Of course, before you can place a bet on Bwin, you will need to deposit funds. Given the size and different countries that Bwin is available in, it is no surprise to learn that there are many deposit methods and a number of currencies available to choose from. Players can fund their Bwin account with the £, $, € and a lot of European local currencies. The Swedish, Danish, Polish, Bulgarian, Russian, Hungarian, Romanian and the Czech currency are all catered for on Bwin.

Bwin BankingThe site accepts deposits from:

  • Bank Transfer
  • ClickandBuy
  • Skrill
  • PayPal
  • VISA cards
  • MasterCard

Bwin is Most Suitable For:

  • Sports fans
  • Fans that love live betting
  • Fans that want to watch live basketball matches
  • Basketball fans looking for a great range of options
  • People that want to have the comfort of betting with a market leader
  • Players that want to access basketball statistics and results

Bwin is a huge name in sports betting and you will not be let down by using this site. Basketball fans can take great delight in the extensive range of basketball options that are available to them through Bwin.


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